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Salvia lyrata 'Purple Prince'
Salvia lyrata 'Purple Prince'
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    Lyre-leaved Sage or Lyre leaf Sage or Cancer Weed

    Small purple-flowers on tall wispy stems 12 to 24 inches tall, blooming in late spring and early summer with some rebloom later in the year. A perennial that self seeds most often - well sometimes a lot.
    Low growing, broad flat leaves are a dark purple color. Loved for its deep burgundy foliage. The color changes in the fall to a reddish hue. Looks well mixed with large rocks, low growing leaves might remind one of an Ajuga.

    Zones 4-9

    Salvia lyrata is native to the USA, and is found growing in New Jersey west to Oklahoma south to Texas and Florida.

    50 seeds

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