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Adenophora confusa
Adenophora confusa
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    [Adenophora stricta] [Adenophora stricta subsp. confusa] 'Ladybells' (ad-eh-NO-for-uh: kon-FEW-suh) Campanulaceae.

    Plants grow 3 feet tall with narrow spikes of medium blue flowers, the flowers are bell-shaped and make for nice cut flowers. After blooming from late spring into late summer plants go dormant leaving nothing above ground except the tall stems with green then brown, small ball shaped seed capsules. Cut them off to prevent self-seeding. Plants do not spread under ground very much, but any small piece left in the ground after digging can grow into a new plant. Best in part shade in moisture retentive but well draining soils. People sometimes confuse this attractive plant with the look alike Campanula rapunculoides which spreads by way of runners.

    Zones 3-9

    Surface sow and germinate the seeds around F45 -50, higher temps will produce poorer results. Germination is irregular, from 1-8 weeks.

    300 seeds

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