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Artemisia stelleriana
Artemisia stelleriana
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    Beach Wormwood

    A great white/silver colored foliage ground cover or bedding plant. Plants grow 8 inches tall and have nicely cut leaves shaped like a white oak leaf. Melts out under hot wet conditions, use in well draining soils with good air movement or in cooler climates.

    Zones 3-8. Sow using a location were temps alternate from cold to warm (40-70F). Germination is spread out from 2 weeks to four months- do not discard seed tray till the next year. Some germination may occur after one year. keep soil moist but not overly wet. Nice in pots with a good growth rate, plants have 'woody' low growing (ground hugging) stems that can be cut and rooted.

    50 seeds

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