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Bergenia cordifolia 'Rose Form'
Bergenia cordifolia 'Rose Form'
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    Heartleaf Bergenia or 'Bergenia' or 'Pigssqueak' (ber-GEN-i-a: kor-di-FO-lee-a)

    Use in part shade, but will take full sun in the north. Blooms in early spring. Large glossy leaves take on a tangerine-red color in the fall and winter. Leaves can become a little ratty over the winter in exposed locations- but a trim in early spring cleans up the clumps. For best effect plant in groups of ten plants for a mass display.

    Zones 2-8. Evergreen foliage that is light green and thick. Flowers bloom in the spring and are a soft rose color.

    50 seeds

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