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Salvia lavandulifolia
Salvia lavandulifolia
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    Spanish Sage or Narrow leaved Sage (sal-VE-uh: lav-an-dew-lee-fol-ee-a) Lamiaceae:

    Flowering spikes grow 18 inches tall with many blue-violet, to violet-purple flowers. The flowers have wide open mouths that can be marked with white or soft blue markings. The flowers are showy and held up well over silver grey-green, thin foliage. The wrinkled foliage and attractive flowers are aromatically pungent and smell like Russia sage (or does Russia sage smell like this salvia?) This selection is somewhat like Salvia officinalis and at times grouped under S. officinalis - differing in having more showy flowers, smaller leaves and a stronger scent. May-July blooming.

    Native from Spain, Algeria and Morocco.

    Zones (5)7-11

    25 seeds

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