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Salvia coccinea 'Hummingbird Forest Fire'
Salvia coccinea 'Hummingbird Forest Fire'
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    A showy, summer blooming border plant or used as a mass planting for a bright colorful display. Plants have flowers with dark-reddish-black calyces with fiery ember-red colored flowers. Salvia coccinea 'Hummingbird Forest Fire' has a very nice plant habit and a long blooming period. This selection is easy to grow and more or less trouble free in the landscape. Best when grown in full sun in the north or with some light shade in the south.


    Germination within 4 weeks at 65-75F. Surface sow the seeds, light needed for best results. Once germination starts a light adding a light covering of soil medium can help establish the seedling quicker.

    50 seeds

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