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Salvia taraxacifolia 'Touch of Scent'
Salvia taraxacifolia 'Touch of Scent'
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    Dandelion Sage (SAL-vee-uh: ta-raks-uh-kee-FOH-lee-uh) Lamiaceae:

    The species name means "Dandelion like foliage" in reference to the leaf shape. Plants Bloom late spring and early summer with spikes of white flowers tinted with violet or pink. The flowering spikes are produced over low growing wrinkled foliage. The scented rosettes of leaves generate several flower stems each. The whole plant is scented like citrus, some say the scent is like Lava soap. Half hardy perennials that develop a woody base. They have evergreen lyre-shaped grey-green 4 inch (4 in = 10.2 cm) long leaves. The foliage is produced in thick basal rosettes and the flowering stems have much reduced in size “leaves” . The underside of the foliage is covered with many silver hairs. The pleasant citrus aroma is released when the foliage is brushed or bruised. They can be grown as annuals if started early. Grows around 12 inches (12 in = 30.5 cm) tall.

    Native from southwest Morocco.

    50 seeds

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