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Viola labradorica purpurea
Viola labradorica purpurea
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    [V. riviniana] Labrador Violet Violaceae:

    Dark purplish foliage and small dark blue flowers, semi trailing habit. Plants grow 3 to 6 inches tall when in bloom in mid spring. When not in bloom they tend to be less than 1 inch tall. Use as a ground cover in a grass garden or rock garden. Mix in between paving stones. Best in groups, plants will self seed were happy and can move into the yard. grows well in part shade, we have them mixed in with some ferns and small Hosta under some birch trees.

    Native from Northern U.S to Greenland. Cover seeds, darkness needed for best germination. Use F 55, germination is spread out over many weeks.

    30 seeds

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