Calceolaria - Slipper Flowers

This genus in Scrophulariaceae has about 300 species of annuals or perennials, a few species are shrubs. Most are native from South America. They have pouch-like flowers and opposite or whorled leaves. Most of the species have yellow colored flowers, but some are violet or brown. Most are tender and collector plants for cool greenhouse culture. Some are widely grown and used as houseplants for their prolific flower production. Soils should be light with good drainage, with a neutral to slightly acid pH, and never allowed to completely dry out. Grow in part shade, hot summers generally result in death (the same for wet winters). The seeds are very small.

Some of the species that are worth growing include:

C. bellidifolia - A perennial from Chile, hardy to zone 7. It grows around 7cm tall with yellow to orange flowers.
C. biflora - A perennial from Chile, the easiest species to grow, it has paired flowers on plants that grow about 6 inches tall. The flowers are a deep yellow with purple-red spots. Blooming Late spring and early summer.
C. crenatiflora - A carpet forming ground cover from Chile, it has yellow flowers on 7 inch tall stems. Blooms late spring/early summer. This species was used in producing the Herbeohybrida Group of multicolored, potted flower shop plants, sold in fall and winter.
C. darwinii - An evergreen perennial from Patagonia, the flowers have small hoods and large lips, lips are orange-yellow and have red streaks and spots, the outer areas are brown. Short lived, and often set upon by to aphid infestations.
C. falklandica - from the Falklands and the Andes Mountains of Chile to Patagonia, yellow pouches.
C. integrifolia - More hardy that most with many small yellow slippers on somewhat lax stems.
C. mexicana - An annual with small bright lemon-yellow pouches.
C. pinifolia - A rock garden plant for an area with little rainfall.
C. tenella -
C. uniflora -
Calceolaria  biflora 'Goldcap'
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    Deep yellow flowers in the shape of small pouches ( Slippers?) and some red spots. The flowers are produced in pairs with the plants growing 4 to 8 inches tall. Summer blooming with evergreen foliage. Grow in full sun in well draining soils.

    Zones 6-9

    The species is native to grassy areas in Chile. Plants will start to flower in ten months from sowing. Soils should not be low in Iron. Surface sow the seeds and Use 65-70F, Germination in 7-18 days.  Seeds are very small and care should be taken when watering. 

    100 seeds

    Calceolaria undulata
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      Calceolaria undulata has dense basal rosettes of narrow, mid green, leaves with serrated edges. The around 18 inch tall, upright flowering stems are branched with each branch ending in a showy bright yellow lady-slipper like flower.

      Native to Chile, where it is found growing ion dry rocky soils.

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