Calendula - Pot Marigold

A genus in Asteraceae with around 15 species, Calendula officinalis is a short-lived perennial most often grown as a annual. It is the most commonly cultivated species and there are numerous selections with yellow, gold, red, or orange flowers. The foliage is aromatic and oils made from the petals are used in cosmetics. The double forms are attractive grown in pots.
Calendula officinalis 'Neon'
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    (ka-LEN-dew-luh: oh-fiss-ih-NAH-liss)

    This annual is great used as a landscape or spring bedding or container plant. It has large, double flowers that are a deep, rich orange. The flowers are bright and take on a glowing look, the very double flower heads have petals that are tipped in burgundy. Grows around 2 feet tall. Outstanding late spring early summer displays, remove spent flowers to extend the flowering into late summer. Grow in full sun.


    For best seed germination and growth sow outdoors in situ, germination in less than two weeks at 68F in dark, Cover seeds with 1/5 inch of soil.

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