Callirhoe bushii
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    'Bush's Poppy Mallow' (kal-lih-ROE-ee)Malvaceae

    This is an attractive wildflower growing 2 to 3 feet tall. The bright magenta colored flowers are cup shaped. In the wild it grows commonly with Verbesina helianthoides, Campanula americana, Ampelopsis cordata, Campsis radicans, Cassia sp., Melilotus alba, Rudbeckia triloba, Polymnia canadensis, Smilax sp., and Clematis virginiana. Grow in full sun to light shade in average, well draining soils. Natively found on rocky soils in open woods and prairies in Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma where it is found growing in open rocky woodlands and edges of glades. It also grows in prairies, and railroad right-of-ways, where it is found mostly on calcareous soils. blooms from spring through late summer. This is offered is a mix of raw seed and normal seed.

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    Callirhoe involucrata
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      Poppy Mallow or Wine-Cups or Low Poppy Mallow or Buffalo Rose or Purple Poppy Mallow MALVACEAE:

      A drought tolerant perennial with sprawling trailing stems from a carrot-like tuber. The dark purple-red or wine-colored flowers are almost 2 inches across and produced in good numbers. The cup shaped, poppy-like flowers, give the plants their common names. The flowers close each evening and after each flower is pollinated remain closed. Plant grows 12-16 inches tall and a few feet wide. In very hot climates plants will go dormant in mid summer and begin to grow again when it cools later in the year. Grow in full sun in gravelly or sandy soils that are well drained, will not survive long in cool wet soils during winter.

      Zones 7-9 for the Texas forms and zones 4-9 for plants from the norther parts of its range (into Nebraska - North Dakota and southern Minnesota). This species is native from Texas and the south central to central western United States and resents root disturbance and should be planted where it will live out its life. Plant out as soon as possible when plants are still small. Of the eight or so species of Callirhoe, the above - is the most commonly grown in dry gardens for its showy flowers from June into August. Germination in three to five weeks at 70F. Plants will bloom the same year sown from an early spring sowing.

      Zones 4-9

      Germination starts in 3 and can be spread out over the next 12 weeks at 70F.Plant seedlings as soon as possible into their permanent spot. Plants hate root disturbance. Or use deep plugs. Slow to germinate so do not discard pots or trays but overwinter for more germination the next year.

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      Callirhoe involucrata var. tenuissima
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        Mexican Poppy Mallow :

        This form of Callirhoe involucrata has dissected leaves and softer colored rose-red flowers, the stems trail along the ground and look very nice cascading down a wall. It grows from a large, thick taproot and each spring the plants form several branches up to 1m or more long. It dies back completely in winter but is perfectly hardy outdoors as long as it does not get too wet in winter.

        Native to the Mountains of Mexico.

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