Castilleja coccinea
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    Indian Paintbrush

    Bright red bracts in late spring and early summer on plants that grow 9 to 18 inches tall. Pollinated by ruby-throated hummingbirds.

    Zones 4-8

    Native to central and eastern North America, were it is found in moist meadows, prairies, and barrens from Maine to Minnesota, and south to Florida and Louisiana.

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    Castilleja miniata
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      Red Paintbrush (kas-tee-LEE-uh: min-ee-AH-tuh) Scrophulariaceae:

      Plants grow 15 to 20 inches tall with orange-red 'flowers', grow with Sedum and Alnus rubra, willows. C. miniata blooms through June and July. Grow in wet to moist, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade for best plants. The best displays are in open, quick-draining, but moisture retentive and deep soils of moderate fertility. Prefers a neutral Ph.

      Zones 4-7

      Native to western USA and much of Canada. Surface sow seeds onto moist seed mix and cover with plastic and place in the Refrigerator for 60 days, then move to 65F for germination. Or sow in the fall and keep outside for germination in the spring. Plants should have host plants the second year. Needs a host plant for best growth, use grasses, Penstemons, Sedum, Alnus rubra or willows but is not that selective on what it will use as a host.

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      Castilleja sulphurea
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        Sulphur Indian paintbrush or Sulphur Paintbrush Scrophulariaceae:

        Most Indian Paintbrush species are varies shades of red in color; this species is one of the few yellow ones in the genus. Plants grow around 18 inches tall and produce leafy stems and large creamy-yellow flower bracts and reddish tinted stems. They like full sun and moisture retentive soils.

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