Celosia 'Smart Look Red'
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    Dark red flowers over bronze foliage, grows about 11 inches tall.


    Sow into a hot sunny location after the soil temps are above 75F (75 F = 23.9 C), thin out seedlings, does not transplant very well. Or use plugs.

    200 seeds

    Celosia argentea var. spicata 'Flamingo Feather'
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      This easy to grow annual grows 40 inches tall with spikes of feathery blooms that start off pink and turn white as they age.

      100 Seeds

      Celosia plumosa 'Forest Fire'
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        Attractive bronze-green foliage and bright crimson red flower heads. Grows about 2.5 feet tall. Celosias require constant moisture for the best looking displays, but a well drained soil. Water before the soil dries out.


        100 seeds