Clematis chiisanensis 'Korean Beauty'
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    This new Clematis has nodding, bell-shaped flowers on ten foot tall vines, blooms for months in summer. The flowers are 2 inches long and have reddish tinted bases and are a creamy yellow, pastel lemon color. Blooms all summer and into fall. After flowering attractive puff-ball like seed heads are produced and are quite ornamental too. If plants are pruned right after bloom ends early in the year, a second heavy flush of flowering occurs. This species blooms on blooms on old wood.

    Zones 5-9

    The species is native to south Korea.

    50 seeds

    Clematis hybrida 'Helios'
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      Flowers the first year from seed with golden-yellow flowers that have silvery-picottee edges. Long blooming period. This is a hybrid involving C. tangutica. Plants produce silvery seed heads and start blooming only 3 months from sowing. Fast growing and reaching a height of 6 feet. Real nice on a trellis in a large pot on the patio.

      50 seeds

      Clematis recta  'Purpurea'
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        New growth has a reddish-brown color, that turns purple. The upright growing stems reach 4-5 feet tall and produce many white flowers in dense clusters, the flowers are fragrant. The attractive purplish color is produced on new growth.

        Zones 3-9

        Germination in 20-30 days at 50-55 F. nights and 68-78 F. days. Darkness helps, so cover seeds completely when sowing. The seeds that do not germinate in response to the above regime, move to 29-35 F for 9 weeks. Germination can be spread out over a few months.

        25 seeds