Ferocactus cylindraceus ssp tortulispinus
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    [Ferocactus tortulispinus] Fire Barrel or Compass Barrel (fer-oh-KAK-tus)

    When young this is a rounded cactus with curved spines. Solitary growing with a globose shaped stem, older plants grow up to 2 feet (2 ft = 61 cm) tall and 16 inches (16 in = 40.6 cm) wide. This species has 20 narrow slightly tuberculate ribs and mostly gray spines that are very twisted. When large enough to bloom it produces yellow or orange flowers in summer and early fall.

    Zones 9B to 11

    Native to Baja California.

    10 seeds

    Festuca glauca 'Festina'  Multipellet
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      Festuca glauca 'Festina' is an attractive 12 to 18 inch tall ornamental grass with grayish aquamarine color; the blue-green foliage is covered with a soft grayish -white coating. Plants produce brown flower clusters in mid summer to mid autumn. A fine textured evergreen for the alpine or rock garden, bedding plant, border, container, edging and use as a ground cover. Grow in full sun in soils that drain well for best color. The seed is offered as a muti-seeded pellet, which will give you a nice dense clump in a quicker fashion than single seeded offerings.

      Zones 4-8

      25 multi-seeded pellets

      Festuca valesiaca 'Glaucantha'
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        Wallis Fescue Poaceae:

        Plants grow 6 to 12 inches tall and produce dense mounds of blue-green foliage. A cool season grass forming compact clumps of thin, wirer-like, blue-grey leaves. Festuca valesiaca 'Glaucantha' can be used as an edging plant, in mixed containers, and in the rock garden. Attractive addition for the front of a border used as an edging or mass planted in groups of 7 or more of plants spaced about 8 inches apart. Full sun, keep dry over winter.

        Zones 4-7

        50 seeds

        Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce  'Rubrum'
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          Smokey Fennel or Bronze Fennel

          Dark bronze-brown colored foliage on plants that grow 3 to 5 feet (5 ft = 1.52 m) tall. They have an upright habit with a nice lacy foliage effect. The top of the plants are filled with dull yellow colored flowers in 3-inch (3 in = 7.62 cm) umbels. Still loved by those yellow and black striped caterpillars of Swallow Tail butterflies. Plants self-seed but any unwanted seedlings are easily pulled up. The foliage is useful as cutting material for flower decorations or as a garnish.

          Zones 4-9

          Germination in less than two weeks at 68F in dark. Cover seeds 1/4inch deep with soil medium.

          300 seeds