Peony drawing
Paeonia L

This genus of very ornamental, bushy plants has 33-35 species, mainly from Eurasia, two species from North America. There are 21 species in the Central and northern Asia, mainly in the Caucasus but also in the Far East, Central Asia and Siberia. All species are very attractive garden subjects but not all are easy to grow. Cultivars of P. lactiflora Pall. (from the Russian Far East) have been grown in gardens for 100's of years.

Paeonia tenuifolia
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    Fern Leaf Peony

    Feathery, fern like leaves and brick red colored single flowers. Plants grow 2 to 2.5 feet tall. The cup shaped, deep scarlet-red flowers are filled with yellow stamens. Plants bloom from mid to late spring. Very attractive in and out of bloom.

    Zones 3-8

    Sow right away. First nick the seeds carefully with a file or nail. Slow germinator -- up to a year or more. Start seeds in layers of moist sand in shade. Check regularly in spring, and plant out to a pot as soon as the root appears. The first year seeds produce a long root the next year they will produce leaves. Needs warm for 60 days then cool 60 days.

    10 seeds