Phacelia heterophylla
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    Flower clusters start off as green balls and unfold like scorpion tails while blooming with small white flowers.

    200 seeds.
    Phacelia sericea
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      Silky Phacelia or Purplefringe Hydrophyllaceae:

      An attractive rock garden subject with intense blue flowers that have have long stamens. The flowers are in dense club-like "spikes" on stems that grow about 9 inches (9 in = 22.9 cm) tall. The pinnately incised foliage is covered with grey silky hairs and grows about 4 inches (4 in = 10.2 cm) tall. Where happy, this species will form a dense, low growing mat of foliage and produce multiple flowering stems in early summer. This alpine species does best in full sun in locations that are not extremely warm in summer, to keep them cool plant on north facing slopes or provide some moderate shade in the afternoon. The soils should be well-drained and gritty with some larger stones. Plants can be biennial or perennial, blooming the second year.

      50 seeds

      Phacelia tanacetifolia
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        'Purple Tansy' or 'lacy Scorpionweed' or 'Fiddleneck' or 'Valley Vervenia' (fa-SEE-lee-uh: tan-uh-kee-tee-FOH-lee-uh) HYDROPHYLLACEAE:

        This is a desert species from the south western USA that grows 2.5 feet tall. Give it sharp drainage in full sun, and dry soils. Sow in early spring when the ground is still cool. Plants have lovely lavender - blue colored flowers that are not overly large and showy but make a nice mass blooming effect with thousands of flowers produced in crowded heads over many months. The flowers are cup shaped with white center markings and stamens that are long. The foliage is lacy and a medium green color and the stems are often tinted reddish. Use in any meadow type setting. Grown as Annuals that willingly self seed. Blooms well inside and only in five weeks from germination. The flowers are scented, somewhat like grape juice. The flowers are somewhat like Jacob's ladders and plants are durable and long blooming - they will self sow on open ground.

        200 seeds