Plantago - Plantains

Plantago is a genus with over 200 species, which include perennials and annuals, members can be found nearly worldwide. Most people are familiar with this genus as lawn weeds. A small number of the species are ornamental, all have small flowers collected together into spikes or heads.

Plantago major 'Rosularis'
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    The flowers are arranged in clusters shaped like small green cabbage heads. Plants grow 12inches tall when in full bloom. The foliage is low growing and green. The name 'Rosularis' means "rose-like" referring to the look of the flower 'heads' which are shaped like double roses. Self seeds and on open ground can be prolific.

    50 seeds

    Plantago major 'Variegata'
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      Broad leaves with white marbling. Comes true from self sown seeds but not as strong a growing as the green form of the species. An interesting novelty plant for a walkway or pathway planting in sun to open part shade. Self seeds. the the fall and spring the leaves are often reddish-pink.

      Zones 3-9

      Native to Eurasia

      100 seeds

      Plantago major rubrifolia
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        Red Leaved Plantain

        Sure it's a weed, but if your going to have a yard full of Plantains it might as well be the red leaved type instead of the green one. Lime free soils that are dry and well draining. Part shade to full sun. Plants have tall spiky flowers that reach 24 inches, leaves are roundish and held out flat over the ground. The wide flat leaves and flower spikes are reddish purple with colored veins. Darkest coloration in full sun.

        Very lightly cover seeds and use F 70, germination in 5-35 days. Bright light is needed for best germination.

        50 seeds

        Plantago media
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          Hoary Plantain Plantaginaceae:

          Plantago media has many small flowers in a dense spike on unbranched, leafless stems. The foliage is a flat, basal rosette and the leaves are strongly ribbed. More attractive than most Plantains, Plantago media has greyish, short, downy stems and spikes of greenish white flowers which have long pinkish-purple stamens. Flowering from late spring into late summer.

          Native to central and western Europe, including Great Britain, where it is found growing in damp grassy meadows; naturalized in other parts of the world also.

          100+ seeds

          Plantago major 'Purple Perversion'
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            Dark purple-red leaves with a crinkled look. The Leaf margins are ruffled. Self sows and comes true from the seeds as long as it does not cross with another from of Plantago major

            Zones 3-9

            50 seeds

            Plantago subulata
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              Awl leaved Plantain  Plantaginaceae:

              When in flower plants are around 6 inches tall.  Plantago subulata has small awl* shaped leaves, plants form tight little clumps with short stems of yellow flowers and cone like inflorescence.

              Zones 5-8

              100 seeds

              ôl/  noun - a small pointed tool used for piercing holes, especially in leather.