Sarracenia - Pitcher Plants

This genus of insectivorous plants has around 9 species, native to eastern North America. As a general rule, the moist organic soils they live in lack nutrients and the foliage of Sarracenia is transformed into pitcher-like basins which have water mixed with secreted enzymes. The pitchers are shaped to trap insects, which are dissolved and nutrients are absorbed threw the leaf surface.
The flowers are produced on a leafless scape and they nod down from the top of the scape. Sarracenia purpurea is the only species that is regularly grown, but it is a highly variable one, with many color forms and variable in size, plus there exists many hybrids which are showy.

Best grown in a bog garden with wet sphagnum and peat, the best displays are grown in sunken tubs, the soils shoil be wet and line free. Grow in full sun or part shade and water with rain water. Where the days are hot and the air is dry, provide some afternoon shade.

The seeds should be surface sown and the seedlings need three years of growth before they are large enough to bloom.

Sarracenia 'Mixed  Collection'
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    Composed of hybrids of S. alata, S. flava, S. leucophylla and S. purpurea

    Best sow in a pot in the fall and seal up in a clear plastic bagand put in a sheltered location to over winter outside for germination next spring. Or use 3 weeks above 50F, 8 weeks below 38F then move to 50F for germination. Keep seed trays for 2 years as some seed will germinate the next year.

    50 seeds