This genus in the mint family has well over 300 species, most of them are perennial herbs or small shrubs. but a few are annuals or even aquatic species.
They have four angled stems and opposite leaves.  The flowers have upper and lower lips, much like Penstemons. 

Plants fall into three groups when used in the garden:

1)   Rock garden plants for full sun and blooming mostly in the summer. They should be grown  in well drained, even rocky soil and they like a calcareous loamy soil mix. These low growing plants need sun and dry conditions to do their best.  S. alpine, S. baicalensis, S. orientalis, S. scordiifolia,  S.indica.

2)   Perennial boarder plants for  sun to open shade, they are often sun loving plants but a few are woodland species.  S. altissima, S. incana.

3) Large coarse plants for natralizing in a wild flower garden type setting. S. lateriflora.

Most of the species do not like rich organic soils, so do not over feed.  When starting the seeds use a soil mix with generous amounts of coarse grit and do not over water.  Soak seeds for 24 hours before sowing. 

Scutellaria altissima
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    Plants grow 24-28 inches tall with light blue to violet flowers with white lower lips. Plants have a bushy habit with upright stems and many small flowers. When done blooming the flowers fall off leaving behind cups that hold the seeds ( this is were the name 'Skullcap' comes from) This species is not as temperamental about growing conditions as the rock garden types, it still is best on well draining soils in part shade to full sun. Plants grow nicely on slopes. Mixes well with Nepeta and Phlomis. Not overly showy in bloom from a distance, with small flowers but the clumps are shaped well and attractive with deeply veined dark leaves. Up close the flowers have 'personality'. Blooms late spring into mid summer.

    Zones 5-10

    Native from central to southern Europe. Were it is found growing in open woods and meadows along hill sides. Found growing in infertile soils. Sow at 65F, if no Germination in four weeks, move to the fridge for 9 weeks, then back to 65F. Germination is spread out over many weeks

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    Scutellaria integrifolia
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      Hyssop Skullcap or Large Skullcap

      Perennials growing 12 to 24 inches tall with blue flowers which are produced in early to mid summer. First year flowering, the flowers are blue-violet with white lips. The upright stems are branched and the leaves are lanceolate shaped

      Zones 5-8

      100 seeds

      Scutellaria orientalis
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        Plants grow 5 to 12 inches tall with soft yellow flowers, open pollinated mix of variable sizes and shades of color.

        40 seeds

        Scutellaria orientalis v. pinnatifida
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          Eastern Skullcap Lamiaceae:

          Yellow flowers on somewhat trailing,long stems lay over the ground and a good number of flowers are produced on 6 inch tall plants. The foliage is pinnately divided and a soft silver gray color. Long blooming in full sun on well draining soils - will not live long on wet soils or under crowded conditions- otherwise a tough little plant with some-what snap dragon like flowers.

          Zones 4-8.

          Germination in 3-4 weeks at 65-75F, Germination is spread out over many weeks. Might help so soak the seeds for 36 hours in hot water, change the water every 12 hours with fresh water. If no Germination, use 4 weeks at 30-39F.

          50 seeds

          Scutellaria pontica
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            Turkish Skullcap (skew-teh-LARE-ee: PON-ti-kuh

            Scutellaria pontica has grey-green leaves and reddish-purple flowers, grows 6 inches tall with long mat forming branches, an attractive rock garden subject.

            Native to north eastern Turkey to western Transcaucasus. Germination in 3-4 weeks at 68F, Germination is spread out over many weeks. Might help so soak the seeds for 36 hours in hot water, change the water every 12 hours with fresh water. If no germination, use 4 weeks at 33 to 39F.

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            Scutellaria suffrutescens 'Cherry Skullcap'
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              Many cherry-red flowers one low compact plants that are very drought tolerant. Blooms mid summer.

              Zones 6-9

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