The genus name Sempervivum is from Latin and means "always living." The are in the family Crassulaceae, which also includes the Sedums, Echeveria, Aeonium and Kalanchoe. In the wild the species are typically found growing thousands of feet above sea level in mountainous regions of central and southern Europe and around the Mediterranean including the many islands of the region. There are about 50 species and many more forms and varieties. Sempervivum species like dry soil and only need water when very dry. They are succulent rock and alpine plants with round rosettes of thick, short leaves. The rosette-like tufts of fleshy leaves are low growing and when flowering, the plants produce an upright narrow stem 12 or more inches tall that contains a number of small fleshy flowers. The rosettes can range from a half an inch to six inches in diameter. The large main "hens" bloom after two or three years of growth, and after blooming they die, but the offsets or "chicks" produced live on to replace the mother. Once blooming has finished dead head the flowers to maintain a more attractive appearance. Plants can be propagated by removing the offsets and replanting them in a new location. There are thousands of hybrids that range in size from small to large, they can have many different foliage colors and some can almost be black. Grown in part shade to full sun, they need good drainage but can take some flooding for a very short time. For those that have colored foliage, full sun brings out the richest coloration, while shady location often produce a uniform dull green color. Often planted in walls or around rock paths and sidewalks, used for green roofs also.

Sempervivum 'Winter Hardy Mix'
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    A very fine assortment covering a wide selection of types - that for the most part will be hardy in zones 5-9 with many hardy even in colder zones including 3.

    200 seeds