Limonium gmelinii spp. hungaricum
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    Hungarian Statice

    Bright lilac-blue flowers on 20 inch tall plants. Blooms in mid summer. Plant in full sun in well drained soils.

    Zones 4-9

    50 seeds

    Limonium perezii
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      {Atlantis}{Blue Smoke} 'Sea Lavender' or 'Seafoam Statice' or 'Perez's Sea lavender' or 'Canarian Sea-lavender' Plumbaginaceae.

      The most commonly used everlasting used for cutting material. This statice has large flower heads composed of small, papery flowers. The five lobed flowers are enclosed in larger, colored bracts. The stems are upright and firm, so are useful as cut flowers. The many small flowers are held in densely packed clusters above the gray-green foliage. Salt tolerant plants grow 2.5 to 3 feet tall. Seeds can be started indoors 6-8 weeks before planting out side in the spring or sown directly were you want the plants to grow. Long blooming plants, if started early make nice annual cutting material. Were hardy they are short lived perennials that can self sow on open ground. For best drying material -hang up-side down in a an area of low humidity. For best cut material collect before peak bloom. Sold as pure clean seed.

      Hardy in Zones 9-11.

      50 seeds.