Nepeta racemosa 'Felix'

Nepeta racemosa 'Felix'

Nepeta racemosa 'Felix'


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Deep lilac-blue flowers on plants that grow around 9 inches tall. This seed produces unform plants making it ideal for mass plantings and used as an edging along a walk way. Drought tolerant plants and will flower the first year, 

Zones 3-8

50 seeds

Code Name Image Price Product Flag  
CND4-A3 Calamintha nepeta Calamintha nepeta $2.45  
CALWS Calamintha nepeta 'White Cloud Strain' Calamintha nepeta 'White Cloud Strain' $2.95  
CNNB-A1 Calamintha nepeta ssp. nepeta 'Blue Cloud Strain'   $2.65  
4LL1-A1 Nepeta cataria Nepeta cataria $1.55  
NCAC-A2 Nepeta cataria ssp. citriodora   $2.05  
NEP1-A9 Nepeta mussinii   $2.00  
NEP2-A9 Nepeta mussinii 'Alba'   $2.00  
NNAA-A8 Nepeta nuda   $2.95  
NEPE-RA Nepeta racemosa 'Select' Nepeta racemosa 'Select' $2.55  
NSPD-A1 Nepeta subsessilis 'Pink Dreams'   $2.95  
NFA1 Nepeta x faassenii 'Alba'   $1.99  
NE88-A2 Nepeta x faassenii 'Fat Cat Select'   $1.95  
NP76 Nepeta x faassenii 'Select'   $2.45