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Allium obliquum
Allium obliquum
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    Twisted Leaf Garlic (AL-ee-um: oh-BLIK-wum)

    This species has soft yellow flowers which are in ball shaped umbels, blooming in summer on 12 to 15 inch tall stems. Plants grow from solitary bulbs, produce linear leaves that are shorter than the scapes, the leaves gradually twist near their summits,

    Zones 4-8. Native to Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, where it is found growing in meadows, in scrub brush and on cliffs.

    Sow at 70F for 4 weeks, remove those seedlings that have started to grow and then move the remaining seeds to 24-38F for 6 weeks, After move to 55F for germination.

    30 seeds

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