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Cerastium biebersteinii
Cerastium biebersteinii
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    'Taurus Cerastium' or 'Boreal Chickweed' or 'Mouse-Eared Chickweed'

    White flowers over soft white woolly foliage, grows 6' tall and does well even in poor soils like sand. Plants do not like hot humid areas. This species is more compact than tomentosum and the flowers are a bit larger. The flowers are grouped into three or five flowers per cyme. Like C. tomentosum in habit and uses but with larger leaves and flowers.

    Zones 4-10

    Native from the mountains of Asia Minor and naturalized in parts of Maine and New York. Sow on the soil surface and use 70F, light needed for best germination. Germination normally takes 5-15 days.

    100 seeds

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