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Lilium monadelphum
Lilium monadelphum
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    This clump-forming species has stiff upright stems with lance-shaped leaves. It blooms in summer, producing racemes with up to 30 large, nodding, fragrant, broadly trumpet-shaped yellow flowers. The flowers are flecked and spotted with maroon inside the throats. The outer sides of the tepals are tinted purplish brown. A lime-tolerant species that grows well in fairly heavy soils. Plants are drought tolerant and grow best under sunny conditions.

    Zones 5-8

    native to Turkey and the Caucasus Mountains.

    The seed normally shows delayed hypogeal germination. Start with 90 Days warm (65F) and then move to 30-39F for 4 weeks, and then move back to 65F for leaf emergence.

    25 seeds

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