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Leonotis leonurus 'Lions Ear'
Leonotis leonurus 'Lions Ear'
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    Wild Dagga or Lion's Tail (lee-on-OH-tis: lee-on-or-uss) Lamiaceae.

    These are very large and impressive plants with vivid orange flowers, grown mostly as annuals but perennial in areas where to ground does not freeze. The flowers are long tubes and clustered in dense whorls around the 4 to 10 foot tall stems. Use in the back of the boarder or even in a large, deep pot in full sun to light shade. The neighbors will ask about this one. Plant them in groups and space out each plant about two and half feet, needs some space. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the blooming plants and established plants flower over a long period of time. Seed raised plants will bloom in late summer and fall. This species is closely related to Phlomis. Native from South Africa, were it is found growing on grassy scrub lands and along roadways, blooming in late summer into fall. Grow in a location with full sun in well draining but moisture retentive soils, once plants are established they will grow very well even in dry soils. Chrysanthemum-lemony scented leaves. Can reseed. Plants become woody at the base after a few years of growth.

    Zones 9-11

    Germination in 1 to 8 weeks at 65-75F. Surface sow the seeds and keep moist but not wet. Where not hardy start very early, best to start inside and plant out seedlings when danger of frost is past in spring

    30 seeds

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