Specialty Perennials - Flower Seeds: Achillea tomentosa 'Golden Fleece'
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Achillea tomentosa 'Golden Fleece'
Achillea tomentosa 'Golden Fleece'
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    Woolly Yarrow or Dwarf Yarrow (ak-ih-LEE-a: toh-men-TOH-suh) Asteraceae:

    Fleuroselect Novelty Winner. Plants flower around 6 inches tall, producing heads of yellow flowers that are flat with rounded edges. Plants have very good drought tolerance and are adaptable to most soils, nitrogen rich soil produce lush foliage production but less flowering. First-year flowering perennial that needs no vernalization, but will flower more uniformly and better in later years. Great plants for a dry rock garden. Mat forming ground cover, with silvery foliage that is scented. This selection is highly uniform and compact, making a showy display in pots and running along the edge of a border. Prolonged periods of wet foliage or heavy humid air can cause leaf rot.

    Zones 3-9

    50 seeds

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