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Lilium nepalense
Lilium nepalense
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    Nepal Lily (LIL-ee-um: nap-ahl-EN-see)

    Here is an attractive lily with a scented flowers. The scent is variable called pleasant or unpleasant, depending on who is doing the smelling. Grows around 30 inches tall and has 3 to 5 flowers per stem. The flowers are large and heavy, trumpet shaped with bent back tips. The flowers are yellow-gold to greenish-white and the throats are dark speckled to solidly dark maroon. This species is not the easiest lily to grow: it needs a rich soil that has moisture and part shade, like other lilies that grow in moist soils; it has stolons the move the bulb around as it adjusts its growing location to suit its needs. Give it a location with rich, moisture retentive organic soils that are not wet but do not dry out during the growing season. The bulbs are hardy to zone 5 but they must be dry in the fall and winter. Some people value this attractive lily enough that they dig the plants out in the fall and store the bulbs in dry peat moss over winter and replant in spring.

    Zones (5)7-8

    Native from India, western China and Tibet

    30 seeds

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