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Salvia jurisicii
Salvia jurisicii
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    Jurisici's Sage (SAL-vee-a: jur-i-SIC-ee-eye)

    The Mounds of foliage are silver hairy, with the leaves attractively lacy cut and some times even called fern like. The scent of the foliage reminds me of 'squashed green tomatoes.' The softly hairy but stiff foliage is produced on square stems with terminal racemes of blue flowers. The flowers have long hairs on the upper lip. Early summer bloomers that grow about 2 feet wide with 18 inch tall stems that are lax, reaching a height of 8 inches or so. Sun in well drained to dry soils. After flowering cut back heavily and plants will quickly re-bloom. Takes a lot of hot sun and will take a good amount of frost and still look good. A nice rock garden plant in well draining soils, both for its flowers and foliage. The genus name Salvia is from the word 'Safe' in Latin.

    Zones (4)6-8(10)

    Native to Yugoslavia. Surface sow seeds and use F 70, germination in a few days.

    30 seeds

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