Specialty Perennials - Flower Seeds: Verbascum pyramidatum
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Verbascum pyramidatum
Verbascum pyramidatum
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    (ver-BASK-um: peer-uh-mid-AH-tum)

    A short lived perennial or biennial species with yellow flowers. The flowers have purple tinted anthers. Stem erect from 5 to 10 feet tall with much branched side branches forming a pyramid shaped display. The lower branches are very long and they produce other branches from the bottom. The upper branches on the main stem are shorter and simple. It has very downy leaves, reticulately veined. The basal leaves sometimes 18 inches in length including the short stalk. The edges are unequally jagged and toothed with large dull teeth. The flowering racemes are very long and much branched. This species flowers in late spring and summer and the blooms are produced in large, branched, narrowly pyramidal shaped spikes. Best effect when grown as a specimen.

    Zones 4-8

    Native to Southern Russia, Turkey, Russian Federation, Ukraine.

    100 seeds

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