Specialty Perennials - Flower Seeds: Viola pedatifida
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Viola pedatifida
Viola pedatifida
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    Larkspur Violet or Purple Prairie Violet or Prairie Violet or Crow-feet Violet Violaceae:

    This clump-forming plant grows 5 to 8inches tall and about 6 inches wide. Plants have deep violet-blue colored flowers which are born on leafless stalks from the center of the clumps. Blooms from early spring into early-mid summer. Leaves are divided into bird-foot-like segments with very narrow leaflets. The Divided leaves look like wild delphinium foliage - thus the common name of 'Larkspur Violet'. This species is similar in appearance to the 'Bird Foot Violet'(Viola pedata) but with smaller flowers that are more pea-like in shape while the Bird-Foot Violet has more open shaped flowers. Both species like open, lose ground that drains quickly in sun to part shade.

    Zones 3-8

    Native from Saskatchewan to Ohio south to Oklahoma and Arkansas. Cover seeds, darkness needed for germination which Starts in 2 or 3 weeks at F 65. Germination can be spread out over many weeks. If no germination in 5 weeks put in the fridge (32-39F) for 7 to 12 weeks then move to 65F, like many Violas seed germination often occurs as the soil temps are rising just above freezing in the spring. Sows seeds in the fall in a wide pot or tray and keep in a sheltered location ( I cover the trays with oak leaves) and cover with a thin layer of winter mulch and leave out side over winter. Remove winter covering in early spring.

    100 seeds.

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