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Campanula - Bell Flower

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Campanula medium 'Big Ben' (Bells of Holland)


Perennial or annual herbs, with alternate or basal leaves. Flowers large or small, solitary, racemose, paniculate, or glomerate, regular, complete, flower colors include blue, violet, or white and sometimes pink. Calyx-tube hemispheric, turbinate, obovoid, or prismatic, adnate to the ovary, the limb deeply 5-lobed or 5-parted (rarely 3-4-parted). Corolla campanulate or rotate in shape with 5-lobed or 5-parted flowers that have 5 stamens, free from the corol, filaments usua1y dilated at the base; anthers separate. Ovary inferior, 3-5-cel1ed; stigma 3-5-lobed. Capsule completely or partly inferior, crowned by the persistent calyx-lobes, opening on the sides, either near the top, middle or bottom by 3-5 small valves or perforations, or tending to be indehiscent (the fruits do not open and release the seeds) in some species. [Diminutive of the Latin campana, a bell.] About 300 species, natives of the northern hemisphere. In Eastern North America 12 species are native or have been naturalized, some 8 others occur in the southern and western parts of North America; all known as "Bell-flower". A large group of garden plants grown in the herbaceous border or rock garden, many species from alpine regions of the world are loved by rock garden enthusiasts. A large number of hybrids and cultivars have been produced. A number are grown as blooming pot plants and or cut flowers. All like full sun to some shade, some are spreading or can self seed under garden conditions.

Code Name Image Price  
1CAM-A9 Campanula americana Campanula americana $2.55
CA04 Campanula aucherii Campanula aucherii $4.69
CC3T-A1 Campanula carpatica 'Blue Clips'   $2.45
CC45-A1 Campanula carpatica 'Deep Blue Clips' Campanula carpatica 'Deep Blue Clips' $3.65
CA14-A1 Campanula cochleariifolia 'Bavarian Blue' Campanula cochleariifolia 'Bavarian Blue' $2.65
CADO-A1 Campanula dolomitica   $3.95
CMX9-A7 Campanula garganica Campanula garganica $2.95
CAKO-A9 Campanula kolenatiana   $2.95
CAMA-A1 Campanula makaschvilii   $2.95
CMN3-A2 Campanula medium 'Tall Mixed White'   $2.00
CP43 Campanula patula   $2.00
4CA8-A7 Campanula persicifolia 'White Bell'   $2.00
CAM-A1 Campanula persicifolia var. planiflora Campanula persicifolia var. planiflora $2.55
CA32-A1 Campanula portenschlagiana Campanula portenschlagiana $3.95
CC24-A1 Campanula poscharskyana Campanula poscharskyana $3.95
CA83-A2 Campanula rotundifolia Campanula rotundifolia $1.95
9T4D-A3 Campanula wanneri 'Violet Belle'   $2.45
CAMP4 Campanula ochroleuca Campanula ochroleuca $4.50