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Convallaria - Lily-of-the-Valley

Lily-of-the-Valley are hardy, low growing, spreading ground cover plants bearing racemes of small white bell shaped flowers in early spring. For ordinary cultivation sods or mats of roots may be dug from any place in which the plant is colonized Usually it thrives best in partial shade and the leaves make an attractive mat on the north side of a building or other shady place in which grass will not grow. The plants low maintenance and increase in number and size each year under even difficult conditions, including dry, rocky soils. Each year new running rhizomes are produced that end in a pointed bud called a pip. For forcing indoors the pips need a few months of cool conditions to end dormancy. These roots may be planted in pots and treated as recommended for winter flowering bulbs. The seeds are large but slow to germinate and it takes a few years of growth to generate a blooming sized plant.