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Gentianopsis Ma Fringed Gentians

A genus of herbaceous annuals and biennials with a few perennials. These Gentian like plants have somewhat angled stems. Flowers, solitary, 4-merous; ending the stems. The flower buds are often twisted around themselves and when opening they unroll. Small to medium sized plants, from 4 to 36 inches tall, with large showy flowers; most blooming late in the year. Gentianopsis species produce a basal rosettes (clusters of leaves with short stems) of foliage with entire, smooth leaves. Flowering stems have long, thin glossy leaves.
Most species, for best results, need moist but well draining soils in full sun with some shade during the afternoon. But many will also do well in bright open shade. Humus rich soils needed, hot dry soils will produce poor results.

Seed germinates best when exposed of a few months of varying temperatures between 20-45 F. Sow in the fall or late winter and place outside, surface sow the seeds, light will help with germination.

Twenty-four species: Native from North America, Asia, Europe. Five species in China, Nine species in North America.