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A large group of plants that includes over 260 species and thousands of cultivars. The genus name means "rainbow" in Greek. Many of the species are attractive. They are perennial herbs growing from creeping rhizomes or bulbs. Some grow under wet conditions while other need dry conditions, most of the bulbous species are from semi-dessert or dry winter regions of the world. The inflorescences are fan-shaped with one or more flowers. The flowers have three petals and three sepals. The foliage is most often arranged into fan-like collections with the leaves having very flattened blades.

For best seed germination results, use a pin and poke a hole in the seeds and soak in warm water for 24 hours. The seeds will need 3 weeks warm/moist followed by 10 weeks cold/moist. Then move to warm again for germination. Some seeds need more than one cycle of warm cold, so keep seed trays for a few years. For most Iris seeds, I sow them in a pot and put out side in a sheltered location, with germination occurring in 1 to 3 years for most types. You can speed-up the process by sowing the seeds in a plastic bag with some moist medium and use the fridge. (poke hole, soak, 3 weeks warm, 10 weeks fridge, warm again - remove and plant seeds as they germinate, move ungerminated seeds back to the fridge. )

Iris seeds have two types of dormancy, hard seed coats, that need to be broken so the seeds can take in water. Plus chemical dormancy that needs a number of weeks of cold moist conditions to break done the chemicals that prevent germination.

Code Name Image Price  
IKO9-A9 Iris 'Kaempferi' 'Orient Hybrids Mixed' Iris 'Kaempferi' 'Orient Hybrids Mixed' $3.55
ICHM-A3 Iris 'Mixed Californian Hybrids' Iris 'Mixed Californian Hybrids' $4.95
IR3C-A3 Iris bucharica Iris bucharica $3.95
ICBB-A8 Iris chrysographes   $5.50
12IR-A8 Iris magnifica Iris magnifica $3.95
ISNH-A3 Iris sibirica 'New Hybrids' Iris sibirica 'New Hybrids' $3.55
ISMH Iris spuria 'Mixed Hybrids' Iris spuria 'Mixed Hybrids' $2.00