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Lupinus - Lupins

A genus in the Pea Family FABACEAE mainly from North America (200+ species) with a few species in Central and South America and a few from the Mediterranean (12 species) with the vast majority from the Western Parts of the USA and Canada. with only one species native the Eastern USA L.perennis
The species include annuals, perennials and shrubs. Plants can grow from 6 inches tall to 10 feet tall.

Plants with spike or spike like terminal racemes with showy flowers in white, yellow, pink and blue. A number of garden hybrids exist that have broadened the range of colors extensively. Most plants like well draining soils, growing under dry conditions or on moist sandy/gravely soils. They tend to have deep tap roots and will perform best and live the longest in deep soils, and resent transplanting once established. Some species are very temperamental growers, but most of those commonly offered are easy to raise from seed and grow if provided the generally correct soil conditions soaking for 24 hours in water helps to break up hard seed coats. Seeds can be started in deep plugs in the winter and spring and transplanted out in late spring - early summer. In spring and summer seeds can be direct sown. Cover seeds with 0.5 inch of soil and space out plants in the ground at least one foot apart. Plants can also be propagated from cuttings using NON blooming side shoots taken in late spring. Often short lived, 2-4 years, with large colorful flower spikes over palmately compound leaves. Best on lime free, moderately fertile soils in full sun to part shade in cool summer climates. In the central states, better choices are the genus Thermopsis and Baptisia.

Code Name Image Price  
5473-A3 Lupinus arboreus f. albiflorus Lupinus arboreus f. albiflorus $2.25
LUPIEL Lupinus elegans 'Pink Fairy'   $2.95
LUP9 Lupinus microcarpus var densiflorus 'Ed Gedling' Lupinus microcarpus var densiflorus 'Ed Gedling' $3.95
LUNA-4 Lupinus nanus   $3.95
LU2A-A3 Lupinus nootkatensis Lupinus nootkatensis $2.35
LPGB-A3 Lupinus polyphyllus 'Gallery Blue Shades'   $2.95
LPGW-A2 Lupinus polyphyllus 'Gallery White Shades' Jet   $2.00
LPN6-A7 Lupinus polyphyllus 'Russell Hybrids Light Red'   $1.95
HJK5-A8 Lupinus polyphyllus 'Tutti Frutti' Lupinus polyphyllus 'Tutti Frutti' $2.45
lUSU-A7 Lupinus succulentus Lupinus succulentus $2.96
LJ54-A2 Lupinus versicolor   $3.55
LUPAN Lupinus angustifolius Lupinus angustifolius $2.00
LUPSP Lupinus nanus 'Snow Pixie'   $2.95