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Mimulus is a genus with around 150 species, now placed in the Phrymaceae family, but was in Scrophulariaceae. Most of the species are native from western North America, and a smaller group from Australia, and a few are scattered around other parts of the world. Most species are annuals or herbaceous perennials, a small number are sub-shrubs with woody stem bases. They are commonly called Monkey-flowers, because of the marking some species have on their flowers. They are grown for their tube shaped flowers with flared faces that are often marked with freckles and blotches. Flower color ranges from yellow, orange, red and pink. The seeds are small, to very small and should be surface sown and care should be used when watering, best to water from below until seedlings are established. The seed germinates best after 4 to 6 weeks of cold stratification. Seedlings have a moderate rate of growth and can be transplanted out after a month or two of growth. The soil should be on the moist side, avoid drought, grow in full sun, but were summers are hot provide afternoon shade. Perennials can be divided every other year or cuttings can be taken in spring.
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4MI5 Mimulus ringens   $2.00