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Mirabilis is a genus of 60 species in the family Nyctaginaceae which are called Beauty-of-the-night or Four-o’clocks or Marvel of Peru. Twenty-one species are native or have been naturalized in North America. They are native from temperate and tropical regions, primarily North and South America. They are mostly perennials but some are annuals, growing from slender taproots. In zones 3-7 they are grown as annuals, in zones 8-10 they can be grown as perennials, except the annual species. Mirabilis jalapa ( Four o'clock flower or Marvel of Peru) is the most commonly grown ornamental species; which blooms from summer into late autumn. Flowers of different colors can be found simultaneously on the same plant and many selections have flowers splashed with different colors in broken or splashed patterns. The flowers usually open from late afternoon onwards, and have a strong, sweet-smelling fragrance. The flowers are pollinated by long-tongued sphynx moths. They are bushy plants with fragrant, trumpet shaped flowers; the flowers tend to bloom toward evening. Flowers have a wide range of colors from white, pink, red to yellow. The scented flowers are enjoyed planted near a patio or door or along a walkway. The seeds are very large and can be planted one at a time with ease, they can be started indoors 6 to 8 weeks before planting out, they should be started in peat pots or in deep cell plugs – because the taproots resent being broken. They can be sown outside after the danger of frost. The seeds are large but should be surface sown, since light aids in germination. Seeds germinate in 4-21 days at 70F. Grow in full sun to part shade; feed monthly for best growth, and for heaviest flower keep well watered. Grow in well draining soil with a pH around 6.5.Some species produce tubers that can be divided in spring. Many under mild winter conditions can self seed freely and sometimes if unchecked can become overgrown on open soil.
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210M-A8 Mirabilis jalapa 'Bicolors Mix'   $1.85
MJCP-A8 Mirabilis jalapa 'Cherry Pie'   $2.95
MJFC-A8 Mirabilis jalapa 'Four O'clock Mix'   $2.45