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Nepeta is a genus with more than 200 species in the mint family Lamiaceae. Only a few are worthy of garden space though. They are known as Catmints, or in the case of one of the better know species, Catnip for Nepeta cataria. The species are native to Europe, Asia and Africa, but the greatest diversity occurs around the Mediterranean and stretching east to mainland China. The genus name derives from the Latin word for scorpions nepa (they were used to treat the stings) or they were named after a town in Italy. Most are herbaceous perennials, but few are annuals. Most have sturdy stems with scented, opposite, heart-shaped, green to grayish-green leaves. The flowers colors range from shades of white, blue, pink or lilac most of the cultivated species are blue, ranging from soft dull blue to bright blue but some of the new cultivars are expanding the color range. They are for the most part easy to grow in well draining soils in full sun, most perform best in nitrogen poor soils, but some species resent dry conditions. Most are long lived, needing only a hair cut after blooming to keep them tidy. They bloom from late spring to late summer, and generally have a long blooming period. The seeds are large enough for easy sowing and germinate without much trouble. Seedlings grow moderately fast and produce transplantable plants in a few weeks. They are related to Dracocephalum, and Calamintha, which do well under the same soil and light conditions.

Code Name Image Price  
4LL1-A1 Nepeta cataria Nepeta cataria $1.55
NCAC-A2 Nepeta cataria ssp. citriodora Nepeta cataria ssp. citriodora $2.05
NC01-A7 Nepeta clarkei Nepeta clarkei $2.95
NEGO-A8 Nepeta govaniana Nepeta govaniana $3.95
NEP1-A9 Nepeta mussinii   $2.00
NEP2-A9 Nepeta mussinii 'Alba'   $2.00
NN34 Nepeta nervosa 'Blue Carpet' Nepeta nervosa 'Blue Carpet' $2.00
NEPE-RA Nepeta racemosa 'Select' Nepeta racemosa 'Select' $2.55
NSPD-A1 Nepeta subsessilis 'Pink Dreams'   $2.95
NP76 Nepeta x faassenii 'Select'   $2.45
NEPRF Nepeta racemosa 'Felix' Nepeta racemosa 'Felix' $2.45