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The Pansy is without doubt the most popular spring flower in cultivation. They come in a wide diversity of flower colors, sizes and face patterns. The seed strains are many, each containing great possibilities. The culture is simple and the results are predictable, showy, and durable. In milder areas, seed sown in August or September in boxes or a frame will produce plants large enough to plant out into the landscape in November and bloom the following March, or they may be left until March in open seed beds before setting out. Also if they are sown very thinly in the frames or large pots they may remain undisturbed through the winter, and they will start blooming very early the following spring. The frame should be protected by mats, boards, or other coverings, through any severe cold periods. As the sun gains strength in late winter and spring, care should be taken to keep them from heaving by alternate thawing and freezing of the soil. Seed sown in boxes in January or February will make fine blooming plants by April, taking the place of those blooming earlier. The growing conditions for satisfactory Pansy culture are rich moist cool soil, protection from the noonday sun and attention to keeping them from going to seed. As the ground becomes warm a mulch of leaf mold or other light material should be spread over the bed to retain moisture and exclude heat. Spring and fall give the best bloom, since many suffer during the heat of summer. The seeds are large enough to handle easily, and seed germination is not difficult and seedlings have a good rate of growth.
Code Name Image Price  
VIVP-A8 Viola 'Venus Purple'   $2.50
BX70 Viola - Pansy 'Super Majestic II Clear Mix' PRM Viola - Pansy 'Super Majestic II Clear Mix' PRM $2.95
VPLM-A9 Viola cornuta 'Penny Primrose Picotee' - PRM   $2.85