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Papaver L. - Poppy

This genus of Annual, biennial and perennial plants with 70 to 100 species, depending on classification, distributed world wide. Russian taxonomists list 75 species, mainly from the arctic and the Caucasus. Some of the Russian species became garden plants many years ago. P. orientale L., the Oriental or Turkish poppy, is well-known in horticulture with many different seed raised strains and clonally propagated selections, it is native from the Caucasus. P. nudicaule L., the Iceland poppy, occurs wild in Siberia and Dzungaria, P. croceum Ledeb. came into horticulture from southern Siberia and also occurs in the mountains of Central Asia. North America has 16 species mostly from the Arctic regions. Of those 16 a few are naturalized species from other parts of the world like P. hybridum and P. orientale, P. rhoes and P. somniferum. All species are herbaceous from taproots, with hairy stems and foliage. Best grown in cool soils that are well draining and in full sun to open shade in the afternoon. Most are very easy from seed, often blooming the first year.

Code Name Image Price  
PA05-A7 Papaver alpinum ssp. rhaeticum Papaver alpinum ssp. rhaeticum $2.65
PAMO-A8 Papaver nudicaule 'Moondance'   $3.69
PNDM Papaver nudicaule 'Deluxe Mix' Papaver nudicaule 'Deluxe Mix' $2.00
PR05-A1 Papaver orientale 'Brilliant'   $2.65
HGF6-A Papaver orientale 'Deluxe Mix'   $2.65
PR13-A7 Papaver orientale 'Haremstraum' Papaver orientale 'Haremstraum' $2.00
PAPO-A9 Papaver orientale 'Pizzicato Mix' Papaver orientale 'Pizzicato Mix' $2.00
PA22-A1 Papaver rupifragum Papaver rupifragum $2.75