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Plants for Rain Gardens

Plants used for rain garden should tolerate both water saturated and dry soil; when rain and other run off is plentiful the soils will be wet, during other times the soils may be dry. A well planned rain garden require minimal maintenance to survive, should be compatible with adjacent land use, contribute habitats for native butterflies, birds, and beneficial insects, and be ascetically pleasing.

A rain garden requires an area where water can collect and where plants can grow, they allow water to infiltrate into the ground instead of running off and causing erosional damage.
Code Name Image Price  
AR09-A9 Aruncus dioicus Aruncus dioicus $2.65
1ARU-A1 Aruncus sinensis Aruncus sinensis $2.00
AIM1-A9 Asclepias incarnata Asclepias incarnata $2.00
ASIM-A8 Asclepias incarnata 'Mixed'   $2.00
N88L-A6 Eupatorium maculatum (hort)   $2.95
310E-A8 Eupatorium purpureum   $2.35
IKO9-A9 Iris 'Kaempferi' 'Orient Hybrids Mixed' Iris 'Kaempferi' 'Orient Hybrids Mixed' $3.55
ICBB-A8 Iris chrysographes   $5.50
ISNH-A3 Iris sibirica 'New Hybrids' Iris sibirica 'New Hybrids' $3.55
309L-A7 Lobelia siphilitica 'Mixed' Lobelia siphilitica 'Mixed' $2.45
SOLD-A3 Solidago ohioensis   $2.50
SOSP-A8 Solidago speciosa   $2.00