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Stylophorum Celanddine-poppy

Three species in the poppy family PAPAVERACEAE. Perennial herbs with upright stems from stout rhizomes. Plants produce yellow to orange colored sap. Leaves are 1 or 2 times pinnatly lobed. Flowers are composed of two sepals and four petals with many stamens.
After flowers plants produce thick inflated, nodding capsules with horn like hairs. Our native North America Species is S. diphyllum from Mich, Ky, Ind, Ark. Tenn, VA. Plants flower mid to late spring with some flowering to mid summer and are found in moist soils in decidouus woods, slopes and thickets. They like sandy-loam soils. This genus is related to Hylomecon from Eastern Asia and Chelidonium .

Seeds are best sown as soon as ripe, once plants are established they will self seed with the seeds released in early to mid summer and germination occurring the next spring. Plants will bloom the second year after germination. The seedlings can be dug and moved from under the parent plants in early spring. Plants have a thistle like appearance to them with large attractive flowers produced over a number of weeks. They over winter at the soil level and are noticeable very early in the year. Foliage remains until early fall. Best grown in moisture retentive soils in open shade with dappled sun. Hardy plants- we have had one for five years now here in Minnesota, mixes well with Cimicifuga and Foam flowers.