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Symphyandra A. DC. 1830.- Bellflowers

A genus of 10 to 12 species in the family Campanulaceae from Asia Minor and the Balkans to the eastern part of the Mediterranean region including Crete, one from Korea. Closely related to Campanula but having connate anthers(fused or joined in the same whorl), while Campanula species have separated anthers. All are attractive, rock garden plants with fleshy roots, leaves in rosettes and nodding, tubular bell shaped flowers in white or blue. Long blooming with flowers in racemes, corymbs or panicles, flowering in summer. They are mostly biennial (monocarpic) to short lived perennials that self sow.
The basal leaves are ordinarily heart shaped with toothed margins and covered with short hairs and have long petioles.

The below list represents the species names extant in published works and catalogues but does not mean that they are all valid names or species.

S. armena S. asiatica S. cretica S. daralaghezica S. finitima S. hofmannii S. lazica S. lezgina S. odontosepala S. ossetica S. pendula S. repens S. transcaucasica S. wanneri S. zangezura

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