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Achillea  'Moonshine'
Achillea cartilagines
Achillea coartata
Achillea filipendulna  'Cloth of Gold'  5' bright gold yellow flower heads. great for dry flowers. 40-60"
Achillea milefolium x taygeta mixed - many shades of colors on soft silky fern like foliage.
Achillea nana
Aconitum  'Spark's Variety'
Aconitum  carmichaelii - Light wedgewood blue flowers on thick stems. 3-4 feet.
Aconitum cammarum  'Bicolor'  white and blue helmet-shaped flowers. 38-40" Jun-Aug.
Aconitum napellus - nice upright plants with blue flowers-reminds you of a delphinium
Aconitum septentrionale  'Ivorine'  beautiful ivory blooms. 24-36"
Actaea spicata
Adenophora bulleyana - mixed colors real nice growing amongst other plants
Adenophora lillfolia - small blue-bell shaped flowers.
Adenophora potaninii
Aegopodium podagraria FORM variegatum 'robust form'  12-15" tall snow of the mountain
Agastache hybrids - nice 5' plants with dark blue late flowers-scented leaves. nice for the fall.
Ajuga  'Mini Crispa Red' - Mahogany-red crinkled and ruffled foliage. 5"
Ajuga  'Pink Elf' - Unusual pink flowers on 5" plants.
Ajuga genevensis - green leaves that cover nice with blue spring flowers. takes dry soil better.
Ajuga reptans  'Bronze Beauty' - bronzy purple leaves.
Ajuga reptans  'Burgundy Glow' - tricolored foliage. do not allow to dry out. nice groundcover.
Allium atropurpureum
Allium karativiense
Allium ostrowskianum
Allium tanguticum - great for cutting and for the border.
Allium tricoccum - wild leek.  white flowers on 6" stems,  shade. Native woodland wildflower.
Anemone canadensis - Canadian anemone  nice white flowers, forming large colonies in moist soil.
Anemone hupehensis  pink flowers.  24-30" Aug-Oct.  cover over winter.
Anemone hybrida  'Honorine Jobert'  white flowers, 3-4' Aug-Oct
Anemone hybrida  'Whirlwind'  white semi-double flowers. 3-4'  Aug-Oct.
Anemone quinquefolia - wood anemone  for the rock garden-small whitish purple flowers.
Anemone vitifolia  'Robustissima'  mauve-pink flowers well above foliage. 3-4'  Aug-Oct.
Anemonella thalictroides - rue anemone  nice under trees in the spring.
Angelica atropurpurea
Angelica taiwaniana
Antennaria plantaginifolia - pussy toes. sun-nice spring flowers-8" tall, silver foliage
Anthemis sancti-johannis - ferny like leaves, with showy orange-yellow daisy flowers. likes dry infertile soil.
Anthemis tinctoria VAR kelwayi - nice yellow daisy flowers for a dry sunny area. ferny foliage
Aquilegia alpina
Aquilegia atrata
Aquilegia flabellata  mixed forms
Aquilegia olympica
Aquilegia vulgaris  'Magpie' - dark dark purple with lighter purple "throat" love it or hate it.
Aquilegia vulgaris  'woodside' or VAR. vervaeneana - leaves are marbled or blotched with gold. mixed
Arabis - mixed forms and colors- spring blooming-
Aralia racemosa - American spikenard. very large shade plant-wine red berries in late summer.
Arisaema triphyllum - giant form with 3-4' plants with huge leaves. small flowers-grow in full shade
Arisaema triphyllum - jack-in-the-pulpit.  many forms. shade to half sun
Asarum canadensis - wild ginger.  shade nice large leaves, clumps make a great ground cover.
Asclepias tuberosa - large showy clusters of orange flowers, butterflies love them. Great for dry soil long lived
Asclepias incarnata  'Ice Ballet' - nice white flowering swamp milkweed.
Asclepias incarnata - swamp milkweed, nice flower color, butterflies love it.
Aster  'Professor Kippenburge'
Aster novae-angliae - mixed. nice plants for late season color. tall
Astilbe  'Amethyst'  magenta.  24-30" tall, midseason.
Astilbe  'Bremen'
Astilbe  'Bressingham Beauty'
Astilbe  'Bridal Veil'  nice clean white, 20-24" midseason.
Astilbe  'Cattleya'
Astilbe  'Erica'
Astilbe  'Fanal'  red plumes above bronze foliage.  20-24" mid
Astilbe  'Federsee'
Astilbe  'Gloria Purpurea'  lavander. 24-30" mid
Astilbe  'Glut' - red
Astilbe  'Granat'
Astilbe  'Ostrich Plume'
Astilbe  'Peach Blossom'
Astilbe  'Red Cattleya'  dark red. 36-48"  late mid
Astilbe  'Rheinland'
Astilbe  'Snow Drift'
Astilbe  'Spinell'
Astilbe  'White Gloria'
Astilbe 'Bumwalda'  white to very light pink plums over crinkled foliage. 10-14" mid
Astilbe chinensis  'Superba'  dark lilac-blue.  8-10 late
Astilbe chinensis  'Veronica Klose'  superb purple-rose.  20-24 late
Astilbe chinensis pumila - lilac-pink, 8-10" late
Astilbe simplicifolia  'Bronze Elegance'  rose pink blooms over glossy bronze tinted foliage.  10-14" mid
Astilbe simplicifolia  'Sprite'  light pink dwarf with bronze foliage 1994 plant of the year. 10-12" mid
Astilbe taguetti  'Pink'
Astilbe x arendsii  'Showstar'  mixed
Bergenia  'Abendglut' - Evning Glow.
Brunnera macrophylla
Brunnera macrophylla Variegata - very rare  boldly creamy-white variagation. needs shade and moister
Bupthalmum salicifolium -  small daisy yellow flowers.  nice plant.
Caltha palustris FORM flore pleno - Double Marsh Marigold with deep green leaves with double pom pom like yellow flowers in mid springe
Campanula  'Rockery Mixed'
Campanula alliariifolia
Campanula allionii
Campanula border mixed
Campanula cochlearifolia
Campanula collina
Campanula elatinoides
Campanula excisa
Campanula garganica - from Monte Gargano in southern Italy.  Beautiful plant with clusters of flowers. 4"
Campanula glomerata VAR acauli  'Snow'  nice white flowers on 10" plants.
Campanula glomerata VAR dahuriea
Campanula glomerata?  'Joan Elliott'  very nice dark purple flowers in late sping.
Campanula lactiflora macrautha
Campanula lactiflora ‘new hybrids'
Campanula latiflora  'Brantwood'
Campanula latifolia  'Mixed Forms'
Campanula macrantha VAR. alba
Campanula persicifolia  'New Giant Hybrids' - choice large bells in varing shades of blue plus white,
Campanula persicifolia ‘telham beauty'
Campanula portenschiagiana
Campanula poscharskyana
Campanula pulla
Campanula punctat rubriflora
Campanula punctata
Campanula rapunculoides - creeping bellflower.  this weed is a beauty, blue bell flowers. great cutting
Campanula rhomboidalis
Campanula rock garden mixed
Campanula sarmatica
Campanula takisimara - I like this name.
Campanula tommasiniana
Campanula trachelium x ‘Faichem lilac'
Campanula tridentata
Caulophylium thalictroides - blue cohosh. shade. nice plant with blue green stems and leaves.
Centaurea dealbata - nice pinkish flowers with diffrant deeply cut leaves.
Centaurea macrocephala - yellow hardhead.  big yellow thistle like flowers.
Centaurea pulcherrima
Cephalaria alpina
Cephalaria gigantea
Cephalaria leucantha
Chelone lyonii  'Hot Lips' - long blooming pink flowers on 2-3 foot plants.
Chelone lyonii - needs a moist soil. dark green leaves with rose-pink flowers in late summer.
Chrysanthemum  'Cobham Gold' - Double creamy yellow with deeper yellow centers.17" sun.
Chrysanthemum  maximum  'Thomas Killen' Large double whit flowers, great for cutting. 30" sun.
Chrysanthemum hybrid  'Starburst'  large white flowers. great for cutting.
Chrysanthemum maximum x leucanthmum  'Silver Princes'  the first shasta to bloom.
Cimicifuga dahurica
Cimicifuga racemosa
Cimicifuga racemosa cordifolia
Cimicifuga simplex  'The Pearl' - very long, dense, white flower spikes.  3-4' Aug-Sept
Clematis  'Asao'  6in rosy carmine and mauve with yellow anthers- shealterd location
Clematis  'Bee's Jubilee'  6in blooms of mauve pink with deeper blue. 9 foot vines
Clematis  'Carnaby' Brilliant white with carmine-rose bars on 8 foot plants.
Clematis  'Comtesse De Bouchaud'  Bright mauve-pink 5" flowers on 8-12 foot vines in summer
Clematis  'DR Ruppel'
Clematis  'Daniel Deronda'  deep purple-blue semi-double 6in flowers on 8-12 foot vines.
Clematis  'Duchess Of Edinburgh'
Clematis  'Elsa Spath'  free flowering 7in rich lavander-blue flowers on 9 foot vines
Clematis  'Fireworks'
Clematis  'General Sikorski'
Clematis  'Gillian Blades'
Clematis  'Gipsy Queen'  violet purple 5in flowers on 7 foot vines
Clematis  'Guernsey Cream'  creamy yellow 5in flowers on 7 foot vines
Clematis  'H.F. Young' Wedgewood blue 7" flowers, early summer. 7 foot vines
Clematis  'Marie Boisselot'  pale pink turning white - 7in flowers on 11 foot vines. repeat blooming
Clematis  'Polish Spirit' Deep purple 3" flowers on 10 foot vines in late summer.
Clematis  'Rouge Cardinal'  free flowering crimson 4in flowers on 10 foot vines
Clematis  'Sugar Candy'
Clematis  'Sugar Candy' Pink/mauve striped flowers on 8 foot vines . May and again in Aug
Clematis  'The President'  deep purple 6in flowers on 8 foot vines.
Clematis  'Ville De Lyon'  11 foot vines with carmine 6in blooms
Clematis  'Wada's Primrose'
Clematis  Gillian Blades' Frilled light mauve edges on white flowers, 7 foot vines
Clematis alpina  'Helsingborg'  2in blue-purple blooms on 8 foot vines. AGM from RHS
Clematis alpina  'Willy'  pale mauve-pink 2in flowers on 10 foor vines. springe blooming.
Clematis viticella  'Polish Spirit'  prolific 3in flowers of deep purple. AGM from RHS
Convallaria majalis  'Fortin's Giant'  huge form.
Convallaria majalis - lily-of-the-valley.  shady ground cover, nice scented flowers in spring
Coreopsis auriculata  'Nana' - 6-8 inches ground cover with yellow-orange flowers.
Coreopsis grandaflora  'Goldfink'
Coreopsis grandiflora - many forms. large yellow flowers, long blooming peroid.
Coreopsis rosea
Coreopsis verticillata  'Grandiflora' -"Golden Showers'
Coreopsis verticillata  'zagreb'
Dianthus - mixed kinds.
Dianthus carthusianorum
Dianthus gratianopolitanus  'Tiny Rubies' - makes low mats of gray green, fully double rich pink. 4"
Dicentra formosa  'Langtrees' - white flowers over blue-green fern like foliage. 10-14" April to frost.
Dicentra formosa  'Luxuriant' - cherry-red.
Dicentra spectabilis - old fashioned bleeding heart. pink flowers. early springe 24-32" May-June
Dicentra spectabilis FORM alba - a white old fashioned bleeding heart
Digitalis parviflora
Digitalis purpurea  'Glittering Prizes Mixed' - outstanding biannual with large showy spotted flowers, cutting
Digitalis purpurea  'Gloxiniaeflora'
Doronicum caucasicum  VAR Magnificum
Dracocephalum nutans
Dracocephalum ruyschianum
Echinops  'Taplow Blue' - Blue globe shaped flowers over thisltle looking foliage.
Echinops Sphaerocephalus
Echinops bannaticus
Echinops ritro - globe thistle.  nice for drying
Epimedium x rubrum - red starry flowers with excellent green foliage.
Epimedium x versicolor  'Sulphureum'  very vigorous with early pale yellow flowers.
Epimedium x youngianum FORM roseum
Eupatorium  'Bartered Bride'
Eupatorium  'Chocolate'
Eupatorium maculatum  'Gateway'  huge red flower clusters on wine-red stems. very choice. 4-6'
Eupatorium purpureum
Euphorbia polychroma - cushion spurge.  beautiful pant with yellow "flowers" and red fall color.
Filapendula hexapetala - meadow sweet.  large showy white flower clusters above fern like leaves.
Filipendula rubra FORM albicans - pure white bloom. 48" tall, forming massive stands
Filipendula ulmaria FORM variegata - European Meadowsweet.  yellow variegated 4 feet tall.
Filipendula vulgaris FORM  flore-pleno - Dropwort.  larger pure white double flowers. 12-16" tall
Foeniculum vulgaris  'Smoky' - nice dark bronze brown foilage. 4-5' tall. short lived but will self seed. cooking
Fragaria  'Lipstick'
GRASS  Helictotrichon sempervirens -
GRASS Phalaris arundinacea FORM picta - ribbon grass
Gentiana andrewsii - bottle gentian.  nice blue flowers late in the season on lax stems.
Gentiana andrewsii x flavida  'Brushed Blue'  nice upright shape with dark green leaves and creamy flowers with blue edges.
Gentiana andrewsii x flavida - white flowers edged in blue. upright.
Gentiana asclepiadea VAR alba
Gentiana asclepiadea ‘knightshayes'
Gentiana flavida - nice upright shape with white flowers.
Gentiana septemfida
Geranium endressii  'Wargrave Pink'  24x36  pale salmon pink flowers
Geranium macrorrhizum  'Ingwersen's Variety'  aromatic plant with pale pink flowers, ground cover
Geranium maculatum  'Wild Pink'  larger pink flowers for the mixed border
Geranium maculatum 'Selected Flowering Forms' - very nice flowers. good colors and shapes
Geranium maculatum - wild geranium  pink flowers in spring. for the wild flower garden
Geranium maculatum FORMA albiflorum  nice white flowering form
Geranium sanguineum   'John Elsley' - Bloody Cranesbill.
Geranium sanguineum  'Lancastriense'  light pink flowers with crimson veins.  6-8"  June-Sept
Geranium sanguineum  'New Hampshire Purple'  10-12" nice red-purple flowers
Geranium sanguineum FORM album  large pure white flowers, loss habit.
Glyceria aquatilis  'Variegata' - 36inches creamy yellow variegation, vigorius
Helenium autumnale  'Mixed Hybrids' - a good selection of reds and ornges and yellows. 50" likes moist areas
Heliopsis scabra hybrids
Hemerocallis  'Amen' TET - 24"mid-late. Creamy yellow and peach blush with tightly pleated fuffles.
Hemerocallis  'Angel Sublime' TET - 30'mid. Orange Gold.
Hemerocallis  'Angel's delight' TET - 22"mid. Very ruffled melon peach.
Hemerocallis  'Anzac'  Large red 6" flowers. 28-32". mid-late
Hemerocallis  'Apricot Peace' TET - 28"late. Orange and peach blend, tight ruffles, gold to olive throat.
Hemerocallis  'Apricot Surprise' TET - 24"late. soft apricot, deeply ruffled.
Hemerocallis  'Artist Etching' TET -  28"mid. Cream apricot, nice ruffling.
Hemerocallis  'Autumn Lace' MIN - 12"early-mid. Orange, nice ruffle, olivethroat, reblooming
Hemerocallis  'Bald Eagle' TET - 24"mid. Burnt red.
Hemerocallis  'Baltimore Oriole' TET - 25"mid. Velvet red.
Hemerocallis  'Beautiful Morning' TET - 34"mid. Creamy yellow with bluish pink.
Hemerocallis  'Big Bird' TET - 34"early. Largest flowering yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Bite Size' MIN - 20'early. Ruffled solid yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Bitsy' MIN - 14"early. Lemon drop yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Blazing Sun' TET - 26"early. Luscious pure yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Blessed Peace' TET - 30"mid-late. Light yellow with peach blend.
Hemerocallis  'Bonanza' - 28"mid.  Yellow and burgundy eye zone.
Hemerocallis  'Border Honey' MIN - 14"early-mid. amber with creamy yellow ribs, rebloom.
Hemerocallis  'Border Star' MIN - 12"early-mid. Pale peach, apricot to green throat, reblooms.
Hemerocallis  'Bowl Of Roses' TET - 30"mid. Rose-salmon with darker band.
Hemerocallis  'Bunting' TET - 32"mid. Lightly ruffled melon and pink blends.
Hemerocallis  'Canadian Goose' TET - 30"mid-late. Lightly ruffled crimson red.
Hemerocallis  'Carousel Capers' MIN - 22"mid. Petite ruffled gold.
Hemerocallis  'Carousel Princess' MIN - 26"mid. Fragrant lemon yellow, rosy mauve eye.
Hemerocallis  'Catherine Woodbury'  lavender-pink 1970 HM.  6" flowers 26-30" tall. mid
Hemerocallis  'Ceder Waxwing' TET - 34"early. Pink with rose peach halo.
Hemerocallis  'Charles Johnston' TET - 24"early-mid. Round cherry red self with darker veining, reblooming
Hemerocallis  'Cherry Cheeks'  TET (Peck 1968) watermelon pink with lavender 6", 28" tall
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Antique Tapestry' TET - 28"mid. Rose pink blush on yellow base ruffled, gold throat.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Apache' TET -27"mid. Velvety scarlet.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Arnies Choice' TET - 26"mid. Deep lavender with plum halo.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Atlas' TET - 32"early-mid. Reddish plum with darker plum halo.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Aztec' TET - 32"mid-late. Bright indian red.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Cameo' TET - 26"mid. Shell pink self with ruffles and yellow to green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Cattleya' TET - 24"mid. Ivory lavender with deep purple band.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Comanche' TET 28"mid-late. Scarlet self, throat blends from maroon to yellow-green.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Coral' TET - 28"mid. Rosy pink with darker pink blend.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Full Moon' TET - 24"mid. Full and wide gold.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Gold Coast' TET -  24"mid.  Lightly ruffled bright gold.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Gold Strike'  TET -  30"mid.  Reblooming gold.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Gown' TET - 23"early. Lavender with peach blend and raspberry eye.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Happiness' TET - 26"mid. Salmon pink dusted melon.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Jewel' TET - 25"early. Deep lavender.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Knobby' TET - 22"early-mid. Plum with pinkish blend and deep plum halo.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Knockout' TET - 25"mid. Deep purple with deeper halo.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Orchid' TET - 26"mid. Pastel orchid with violet band.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Petite Lace' TET - 26"mid-late. Creamy yellow base with old rose overlay, great ruffles
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Petticoats' TET - 25"mid. Excellent ruffled pink.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Picotee Pride' TET - 27"early. Creamy light apricot, purple eye.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Plum Pudding' TET - 26"mid. Vigorous lavender.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Princess' TET - 24"early. Medium purple self with plum halo and yellow to green th
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Queen' TET - 28"early-mid. Berry wine with deep purple eye.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Rainbow' TET - 25"early-mid. Pink and rose blend with tight ruffling and yel throat.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Royal Crown' TET - 30"early. Deep purple self.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Royal Robe' TET - 28"mid-late. 6" plum-purple, green throat. 1980 HM
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Scintillation' TET - 26"mid. Velvety plum.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Sunrise' TET - 28"mid. Pale Golden yellow with cinnamon edge and light ruffling.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Violet' TET - 20"early. Violet purple.
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Weathermaster' TET - 24"early. smooth medium plum.
Hemerocallis  'Chinese Temple' TET - 24"mid. Lavender pink with creamy lavender watermark.
Hemerocallis  'Choral Angle' TET - 30"late. exquisite, ruffled apricot, heavily sudstanced blooms.
Hemerocallis  'Cinnamon Glow' TET - 24"early-mid. Cinnamon peach blend with apricot throat.
Hemerocallis  'Cleo'
Hemerocallis  'Cookie Monster' TET - 28"late. Orchid-pink? with bright yellow halo.
Hemerocallis  'Cooling Fountain' TET - 27"mid. Yellow with light peach blush.
Hemerocallis  'Countess Carrots' MIN - 15"early-mid. Glowing orange, chartreuse throat
Hemerocallis  'Country Melody' TET - 30"mid. Pink with soft yellow halo.
Hemerocallis  'Country Uncle' TET - 30"mid-late. Peach blend, wide ruffled petals.
Hemerocallis  'Crimson Shadow' TET - 25"mid-late. Crimson with purple-red eye. Heavy substance.
Hemerocallis  'Cub Scout' MIN - 23"mid. Apricot-melon with a pink flush.
Hemerocallis  'Cutie Pie' MIN - 16"early Dainty yellow camellia form.
Hemerocallis  'Dads Best White'  - 28"mid. Near white self with pale yellow flush.
Hemerocallis  'Dawn Ballet' TET - 28"mid-late. Yellow and orange and melon blend.
Hemerocallis  'Demetrius' TET - 24"early-mid. Wide chrome yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Divine Gift' TET - 34"mid. Yellow gold and peach-pink overtones.
Hemerocallis  'Double Charm'
Hemerocallis  'Early Sunset' TET - 30"mid. Pink with darker veins and a red halo.
Hemerocallis  'Erin Prairie' TET - 34"mid. Sunny yellow self with long petals and green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Evening Gown' TET - 28"late. Melon with peach pink blush.
Hemerocallis  'Exaltation' TET - 36"mid. Creamy butter.
Hemerocallis  'Fantastic Rose' TET - 30"mid. Raspberry rose, rose eyezone with green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Firestorm' -31"early-mid. Brick red over gold. 8.5" blooms.
Hemerocallis  'Florissant Charm' TET - 22"mid. Melon pink blend with bubbly edges.
Hemerocallis  'Fragrant Pastel Cheers'  TET - 38"mid. Pastel blend, fragrant.
Hemerocallis  'Frans Hals'  - 28"mid. red and yellow two tone.
Hemerocallis  'Galliano' TET - 20"early-mid. Intense gold.
Hemerocallis  'Gamblers Prize' MIN - 14"early-mid. Golden yellow, round form
Hemerocallis  'Gentle Shepherd' (Yancy 1980) near white, Semi-ever 51/2" 26-28"
Hemerocallis  'Georgette Belden' TET - 22"mid. Nice, rich purple. Sweetly fragrant.
Hemerocallis  'Gold Medallion' TET - 29"mid. Large, roundish pure golden yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Golden Gate'
Hemerocallis  'Golden Ginkgo' TET - 32"mid. Ruffled and  intense golden yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Golden Peace' TET - 25"mid. Sparkling golden yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Golden Plover' TET - 28"early. Lightly ruffled gold.
Hemerocallis  'Grammie's List' TET - 30"mid. Yellow and pink with green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Grebe' TET - 25"mid. Floriferous and reblooming gold.
Hemerocallis  'Green Eyes Wink' MIN - 22"early-mid. Burnt orange, large green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Grouse' TET - 28"mid. Dark beet red with yellow throat.
Hemerocallis  'Hall's Pink'
Hemerocallis  'Heady Wine' TET - 26"early. Beige with lavender throat.
Hemerocallis  'Heaven's Trophy' TET - 28"mid. Creamy peach with pastel blending, tightly ruffled edges.
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Gem' TET - 28"mid-late. Melon and peach blush, ruffled.
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Hope' TET - 30"mid. Cream-yellow with peach blush blend.
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Lace' TET - 30"mid. Ruffled and lacy pastel melon.
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Peace' TET - 24"mid-late. Gold filled with cream.
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Touch' TET - 28"mid. Peachy pink, nice ruffled edges.
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Treasure' TET - 30"early-mid. Apricot blend, lacy ruffles.
Hemerocallis  'Heavens Rejoice' TET - 25"mid. pastel pink blend.
Hemerocallis  'Hemlock' TET - 28"mid. Rich deep red.
Hemerocallis  'Heron' TET - 32"early-late.Bright rose pink with ivory midribs.
Hemerocallis  'Hope Diamond' - 24"early-mid. creamy yellow, apple green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Hosanna' TET - 26"late. Ruffled golden apricot.
Hemerocallis  'Hyperion Elite' TET - 36"early-mid. Reblooming light yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Hyperion'
Hemerocallis  'Indian Paintbrush' TET - 28"mid. Tangerine with burnt orange eye.
Hemerocallis  'Irish Limerick' TET - 24"mid. Sunny yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Jade Bowl' TET - 32"early.  Creamy yellow with peach on each petal.
Hemerocallis  'Jingle Shell' TET - 29"early-mid. Light salmon pink.
Hemerocallis  'Joan Senior' - 25"mid. Near white self, lime green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Joyful Fancy Free' TET - 28"mid-late. Peach and cream with gold throat.
Hemerocallis  'Judah' TET - 29"mid. Gold with bronzw edges, a prize.
Hemerocallis  'King Alfred' TET - 28"mid. Smooth yellow self, sometimes double.
Hemerocallis  'Kitten's Paw' TET - 30"early. flesh pink.
Hemerocallis  'Lavender Peace' TET - 36"early-mid. Ruffled light lavender.
Hemerocallis  'Lemon Lace' TET - 32"early. Bright lemon yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Lemon Mint' TET - 36"mid. Glowing lemon yellow self with apple green throat, crimped edgs
Hemerocallis  'Lemon Pectin' TET - 32"mid. Large blossomed lemon yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Lillian Fry' MIN - 19"mid. Ruffled lemon yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Little Audrey' MIN - 20"mid. buttercup yellow with raspberry eye
Hemerocallis  'Little Beige Magic' MIN - 22"early. cream with red eye
Hemerocallis  'Little Bumble Bee' MIN - 20"mid. gold with chocolate eye
Hemerocallis  'Little Cadet' MIN - 18" early-mid. Creamy yellow, red eyezone, reblooming.
Hemerocallis  'Little Carnation' MIN - 18"mid. Double gold blossoms.
Hemerocallis  'Little Cobbler' MIN - 24"mid. Peach salmon, rosy eyezone.
Hemerocallis  'Little Dandy' MIN - 16"mid. Dark red self, green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Little Fantastic' MIN - 20"early-mid. Neat rose-pink self.
Hemerocallis  'Little Flock' TET - 24"mid. Ruffled peach to orange.
Hemerocallis  'Little Lavender Princess' MIN - 24" early. lavender with white edge
Hemerocallis  'Little Pumpkin Face' MIN - 20"mid. round tan with neat red eye
Hemerocallis  'Little Tawny' MIN - 20"mid. Multiflowered russet brown.
Hemerocallis  'Lord Camden' - 24"mid. Ruffled crimson-raspberry.
Hemerocallis  'Love It' TET - 28"early. Watermelon pink, lemon throat.
Hemerocallis  'Loveliest Grace' TET - 24"early-mid. Yellow with some peach/pink blending, crimped edges.
Hemerocallis  'Lovely Rose' TET - 30"early. Rose-lavender blend, lemon throat.
Hemerocallis  'Lupine' TET - 25"early. Pale flesh pink.
Hemerocallis  'Luxury Lace' - light ruffled pink-many awards in the 1960's
Hemerocallis  'Mallard' TET - 26"mid. Vivid red.
Hemerocallis  'Mary Todd' TET - 24"early. Glowing golden yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Mayan Gold' MIN - 23"early. Gold self, round ruffled form, reblooming.
Hemerocallis  'Meadow Lark' TET 28"mid. Lemon yellow self and rounded petals.
Hemerocallis  'Meadow Mist' TET - 26"early-mid. Flesh pink with lightly ruffled petals.
Hemerocallis  'Mexican Dance' TET - 32"mid. Gold with lightly rippled petals.
Hemerocallis  'Mexican Maiden' - 20"mid. Medium red self, light ruffling, golden yellow to green throat
Hemerocallis  'Ming Snow' TET - 32"mid - Cream to soft beige pink.
Hemerocallis  'Mini Stella' MIN - 14" early-late. true yellow, reblooming, small Stella-rounder.
Hemerocallis  'Mockingbird' TET - 29"mid. Deep rosy red.
Hemerocallis  'Mountain Laurel' TET - 26"late. Rosy red.
Hemerocallis  'Naomi Ruth' MIN - 16"mid. pale ruffled cantaloupe
Hemerocallis  'Orange Blaze' TET - 36"mid. Orange with red-orange eye.
Hemerocallis  'Orange Sunrise' TET - 28'mid. Heavy ruffles with orange and yellow blend.
Hemerocallis  'Oriental Gem' TET - 26"mid. Fire engine red.
Hemerocallis  'Painted Trillium' TET - 33"mid. Ruffled dark cherry with green throat. 6"blooms
Hemerocallis  'Parian China' TET - 28"mid-late. Creamy melon, reblooming.
Hemerocallis  'Pastel Inspiration' TET - 40"mid. Creamy yellow with a pink blush , nice tight ruffles.
Hemerocallis  'Patti Neyland' MIN - 26"mid. Ruffled pink and peach with crimson blend.
Hemerocallis  'Peach Fairy' MIN - 26"mid. little melon-peach
Hemerocallis  'Peach Pep Talk' TET - 26"late. Ruffled peach pink blend 6" blooms with golden glow
Hemerocallis  'Persian Shrine' TET - 36"early. Rose plum.
Hemerocallis  'Petite One' MIN - 14"early-mid. round creamy yellow, pale pink blush
Hemerocallis  'Petite Palace Rose' TET - 28"early. Rose-pink with white ruffled edges.
Hemerocallis  'Pettite Ballet' MIN - 24"mid. Sunshine yellow self and very ruffled.
Hemerocallis  'Phoebe' TET - 24"early-mid. Flesh pink.
Hemerocallis  'Pink Ballerina' TET - 29"mid. Pink with blue over tones, yellow to green throat and nice ruffles
Hemerocallis  'Pink Lavender Appeal' - 24"mid. great pink-lavender with green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Pink Tangerine' TET -37"early-mid. Pink tangerine with light rose eye.
Hemerocallis  'Pittance' MIN - 18"early. Copper with cherry red eye, reblooming.
Hemerocallis  'Pleasant Hours'
Hemerocallis  'Ponytail Pink' TET - 24"early. Soft pink ruffled petals.
Hemerocallis  'Posh Design' TET - 22"mid-late. Antique yellow with rose overlay.
Hemerocallis  'Potters Clay' TET - 32"mid. Colors of clay pots.
Hemerocallis  'Prairie Blue Eyes' (Marsh 1970) lavender with wide bluish halo, heavy bloomer.28", 51/2"
Hemerocallis  'Prairie Lark' TET - 28"mid. Shaded yellow with ruffled petals.
Hemerocallis  'Prairie Sunburst' TET - 36"early. Sunny yellow, very vigorous.
Hemerocallis  'Puddin' MIN - 12"mid. Lemon yellow with green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Purple Pauper' TET - 20mid. Purple self with green throat.wavy sheen, 5" blooms.
Hemerocallis  'Quaking Aspen' TET - 24"mid. Lemon drop yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Radiant Beams' TET - 28"mid.  Pure gold.
Hemerocallis  'Rain Drop' MIN - 12"mid. Small, light yellow flowers.
Hemerocallis  'Red Magic'
Hemerocallis  'Red Pinnochio' TET - 24"mid-late. Crimson red.
Hemerocallis  'Red Poll' TET - 27"mid. Rich deep red.
Hemerocallis  'Red Volunteer' TET - 34"mid.  7" deep bright red. 1994 AM.
Hemerocallis  'Renee' MIN - 24"mid. Dainty light yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Resounding Harp' TET - 27"mid. Orange to melon.
Hemerocallis  'Root Beer' TET - 22"mid. Black-mahogany.
Hemerocallis  'Rose Festival' TET - 36"mid. Bright rose purple, deeper halo.
Hemerocallis  'Rose Lace' TET - 30"early. Lavender rose with darker rose eyezone and lemon throat.
Hemerocallis  'Royal Palace Prince' TET - 30"mid. Antique rose-lavender with cream edge.
Hemerocallis  'Ruffled Apricot' TET - 28"mid. Golden apricot and very vigorous grower.
Hemerocallis  'Ruffled Ruby' TET - 26"mid. Rosy ruby red.
Hemerocallis  'Sacred Shield' TET - 24"mid. Apricot orange with gold.
Hemerocallis  'Sahara Sands' TET - 30"late. Pink and cream with green throat. Pie crust ruffled 6.5"
Hemerocallis  'Satin Clouds' TET - 30"mid. Cream with white blend.
Hemerocallis  'Scarlet Apache' TET - 28"mid-late. Crimson with golden lime throat.
Hemerocallis  'Scarlet Oak' TET - 36"mid-late. Velvety scarlet withdark halo.
Hemerocallis  'Scarlet Tanager' TET - 30"mid. Deep red satin.
Hemerocallis  'Scotch Bonnet' TET - 31"mid. Sunshine yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Screech Owl' TET - 33"mid. Two-tone red with yellow petal edge.
Hemerocallis  'Secondhand Rose' TET - 26"early. Rose pink blend and creamy green throat. Rebloomer.
Hemerocallis  'Shortee' or 'Stella JR' MIN - 9"early. Golden yellow, 1-3/4" blooms
Hemerocallis  'Silent Stars' TET - 32"mid. Apricot and orange blend.
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Baby Talk' MIN - 15"early-mid. pale pink, rose halo, green throat
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Ethel Smith' MIN - 20"mid. Pink beige, deep red eyezone.
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Fairy Tale' MIN - 18"mid. Cream with definite purple eye
Hemerocallis  'Siloam June Bug' MIN - 23"early-mid. Striking gold with burgundy eye.
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Kewpie Doll' MIN - 18"early-mid. Deep cream, deep rose eyezone.
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Pee Wee' MIN - 18"early-mid. Ruffled wide cream with bold maroon eye
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Pink Petite' MIN - 22"mid. Cameo pink with delicate red eye line
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Plum Tree' MIN - 24" Early-mid. Wide, purple self.
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Pocket Size' MIN - 20"mid. Rose-red, rose halo.
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Suger Time' MIN - 20"mid. Ruffledbaby pink with purple eye.
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Tee Tiny' MIN - 20"mid. Orchid, purple eye, green throat
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Tinker Toy' MIN -
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Tiny Mite' MIN - 20"mid. Gold with burgundy eye, gold throat.
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Ury Winniford' MIN - 23"early-mid. Yellow, wide purple eye
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Virginia Henson' MIN - 18"early-mid. creamy pink with ruby center and green throat.
Hemerocallis  'Silver Trumpet' TET - 26"mid. Lavender with lemon throat.
Hemerocallis  'Sirocco' TET - 28"early. Salmon pink with amber over tones.
Hemerocallis  'So Lovely' - glowing yellow-blinding in the late afternoon.
Hemerocallis  'Song Sparrow' MIN - 16"min. Golden orange.
Hemerocallis  'Sparkling Stars' TET - 24"mid-late. Peach and lemon combination.
Hemerocallis  'Spellbinder' TET - 34"mid-late. Glowing orange with gold undertones.
Hemerocallis  'Staghorn Sumac' TET - 28"mid-late. Orange with cinnamon halo. 6" blooms
Hemerocallis  'Starling' TET - 28"early-mid. Fragrant, bing cherry red.
Hemerocallis  'Stella De Oro'  Dwarf golden-yellow,  most popular daylily to date, 1985 Stout medal.
Hemerocallis  'Summer Tanager' TET - 32"mid. Deep red.
Hemerocallis  'Summer Wine'  purple-red, green throat. 5", 20-24" mid
Hemerocallis  'Sun Pixie' MIN - 14"early-mid. Yellow gold self with olive throat.
Hemerocallis  'Suncapers' TET - 30mid. Showy pure yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Sunset Flare' TET - 30"mid. Lightly ruffled gold.
Hemerocallis  'Sweet Pea' MIN -
Hemerocallis  'Sweet Reflection' TET - 24"mid. Creamy yellow with blushed peach.
Hemerocallis  'Swelling Anthem' TET - 22"mid.  Gold with pink midrib highlights.
Hemerocallis  'Techny Spider' TET - 21"mid-late. Yellow and pink blend. ruffled spider like blooms.
Hemerocallis  'Tender Shepherd' TET - 24"mid. Deep coral melon.
Hemerocallis  'Teri Ellis' TET - 24"mid. light pink with rose crimped edges.
Hemerocallis  'Tetrina's Daughter' TET - 42"mid-late. Fragrant, night blooming, yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Thankful Song' TET - 30"mid. Light gold-yellow with peach overtones.
Hemerocallis  'Thousand Voices' TET - 36"mid. Soft yellow, pastel and peach.
Hemerocallis  'Tommy' MIN - 22"mid. Creamy gold
Hemerocallis  'Toyland' MIN - 27"early. Tangerine-melon, tiny bell-shaped flowers.
Hemerocallis  'Tree swallow' TET - 28"mid. Gentle orchid pink.
Hemerocallis  'Triumph Glorious' TET - 29"mid-late. Bright sunny yellow with pink blend.
Hemerocallis  'Upper Class Peach' TET - 40"mid. Peachblend, ivory midribs. 6" blooms, tightly ruffled.
Hemerocallis  'Vireo' TET - 30"mid-late. Satiny red with darker red band.
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Cantaloupe Caper' TET - 32"mid. Pastel cantaloupe pink blend.
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Doe Eyes' TET - 26"mid-late. Lavender with tan blending and green throat, lav eye.
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Green Imp' TET - 20"late. Shell pink with ivory midribs.
Hemerocallis  'Wayside King Royale' TET - 36"early-mid. Deep purple self.
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Peach Parfait' TET - 30"mid-late. Peach self with yellow to green throat-lightly ruffled
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Princess' TET - 26"mid-late. Peach with yellow, lemon yellow to celery throat, ruffled
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Sweet Impression' TET - 22"late. Lavender with rose hints, tightly crimped gold edg
Hemerocallis  'Wine Bubbles' TET - 28"mid. Deep wine-red with creamy midribs.
Hemerocallis  'Witch Hazel' TET - 28"mid. Loght burnt orange with darker halo.
Hemerocallis  'Wood Duck' TET - 28"early-mid. Medium pink.
Hemerocallis  'Woodcock' TET - 28"mid. Citrus yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Wren' TET - 26"mid-late. Fiery red with cream edges.
Hemerocallis  'Yellow Diamond' TET - 30"early-mid. Ruffled bright sunshine yellow.
Hemerocallis  'Yellow Ladyslipper' TET - 26"mid. Bright yellow self, nice open flower.
Hemerocallis  'Yellow Lollipop' MIN - 12"early. Medium yellow, reblooming.
Hemerocallis  'Yellow Stone'
Hemerocallis  'Yellow Stone'
Hemerocallis fulva FORM flora plena?  - double form,  very strong spreader- invasive.
Hemerocallis mixed minatures - several diffrent seed raised forms.
Heuchera  'Chocolate Ruffles' - Chocolate on top and burgundy under, nice ruffled leaves. Sun
Heuchera  'June Bride' - large white flowers on 15 inch stems.
Heuchera  'Montrose Ruby' - deep shiny mahogany foliage with silver marbling. choice.  20-36"
Heuchera  'Mount ST. Helens' - glowing redflowers. one of the best red coral bells. 12-14" June-Aug.
Heuchera  'Raspberry Regal' - showy raspberry red flowers.
Heuchera  'Ruby Veil'
Heuchera  'Sterling Silver' - sun or light shade. silver leaves with deep purple veining.
Heuchera ? - nice clump of green leaves with tall flower spikes with green flowers, native.
Heuchera X  pruhoniciana  'Dr. Sitar's Hybrids' - superb strian with many colors, great for cutting.
Heuchera americana  'Eco Magnifolia'  silver, blue and red marbled foliage. very choice.
Heuchera americana  'Garnet'  plant in sun-cover for winter-a real gem.15" tall
Heuchera micrantha  diversifolia  'Palace Purple' - Maple-like bronze-red leaves. small white flowers. nice
Heuchera spp? X  'Greenfinch' long-stemmed green flower heads. flower arrangements.
Heuchera villosa  'Royal Red'  deep purple maple-shaped leaves.  cover over winter.
Heuchera villosa purpurea  'Night Watch' -  dramatic dark purple
Heuchera x brizoides  'Adriana' - dark red flowers over marbled foliage. 15-18".
Heuchera x brizoides  'Chatterbox'  large pink flowers. repeats.
Heuchera x brizoides  'Coral Cloud'  abundantcoral pink flowers. 24-30"
Heuchera x brizoides  'White Cloud' - white flowers on tall scapes.
Heucherella alba  'Bridget Bloom'  nice basal greenery with long blooming rose pink flowers
Hieracium villosum - very white haired leaves with nice large glowing yellow flowers.
Hosta  'Abigua Moonbeam' - Walden-West 87. 30 x 26 high, whitish flower on green leaves with gold edge.
Hosta  'Allan P. McConnell' - 80.  excellent small white-margined hosta. 18 X 8 purple flowers
Hosta  'Amanuma' - Maekawa 60. 30 x 30, medium green with deep lavender flowers. scape 24" tall flowers striped.
Hosta  'Antioch' - Tompkins 79.  multiple award winner.
Hosta  'Aspen Gold' - Grapes 86.  chartreuse to yellow. white flowers. 36 x 20 very puckered. great gold Hosta. scapes 20"
Hosta  'August Moon' - Summers 68. greenish yellow turning to yellow. 30 x 20 white flowers.
Hosta  'Banyai's Dancing Girl' - Banyai  82. gray blue with light cupping, 15" scapes and light lavender flowers. O.S
Hosta  'Big Daddy' - Aden 78. rounded chalky deep blue leaves. puckering and white flowers early .
Hosta  'Birchwood Park's Gold'
Hosta  'Blue Angel' - aden 86. 48x36. large blue green with white flowers. heavy substance and pointed.
Hosta  'Blue Blazes' - Vaughen 88. 35 x 30. blue-green
Hosta  'Blue Cadet' - Aden 74. 28 x 16. blue-green leaves, lavender flowers. Nancy Minks Award.
Hosta  'Blue Mammoth' - Aden. giant, 54x48 rapid grower, light blue, heavey substance and puckering. nice
Hosta  'Blue Moon' - Aden 76. Midwest Blue Award. 10 x 8. blue-green leaves. white flowers.
Hosta  'Blue Seer'
Hosta  'Blue Umbrellas' - Aden 76. Midwest Blue Award. 48 x 36. Blue-green. white flowers.
Hosta  'Blue Vision' - Aden 76. heavey text-blue-green, white flowers on  15x22 plants.
Hosta  'Blue Wedgwood'  (Summers 1988)  24x14 thick, dark blue-green wedge shaped leaves
Hosta  'Bright Glow' - Aden 86. 16 x 12. yellow. white flowers.
Hosta  'Bright Lights'
Hosta  'Brim Cup' - Aden 86. 16 x12. medium-green with white margin. white flowers.
Hosta  'Calypso'
Hosta  'Candy Hearts' - Fisher 71. 28 x 16. blue-green with white flowers.
Hosta  'Carnival'
Hosta  'Chantilly Lace'
Hosta  'Chinese Sunrise' - Summers. lovely yellow centered narrow leaves, 28x14.
Hosta  'Christmas Tree' - Vaughn 82. 36 x 20. medium green with white margin.white flowers.
Hosta  'Color Glory'
Hosta  'Columbus Circle'
Hosta  'Crepe Suzette'
Hosta  'Crowned Imperial' - Walters 88. 32 x 26. dark-green with white margin. lavander flowers.
Hosta  'Crusader' - Lachman 89. 30 x 16. Dark green leaves with white margins, cordate with some rugosity.
Hosta  'Daybreak' - Aden 86. 36 x 22. chartreuse. lavander.
Hosta  'Diamond Tiara'
Hosta  'Don Stevens' -
Hosta  'Dorset Blue' - (Aden 77) 12 x 8. blue-green. white flowers.
Hosta  'El Captain'
Hosta  'Elata' - Very large dark green pointed leaves.
Hosta  'Ellerbrook'
Hosta  'Emerald Tiara'  (Walters 1988)  20x14
Hosta  'Emily Dickinson' - (Lachman 87) 32x20, medium green with nice wide cream-white margin. very fragrant.
Hosta  'Excitation'
Hosta  'Fair Maiden' - Cream-edged 'Amber Maiden'  yellowish-white spring margin  turning white.
Hosta  'Fall Bouquet' - (Aden 86)  18 x 12. very dark petioles and scapes. medium green. sterile.
Hosta  'Feather Boa'
Hosta  'Floradora' - (Aden 78)  16 dia x 6 high. purple flowers.
Hosta  'Formal Attire'
Hosta  'Fragrant Blue' - (Aden 88)  12 x 8. blue-green leaves, flowers blue opening to fragrant white
Hosta  'Fragrant Bouquet' - Aden 82.  22x18. apple green with cream to white edge very large flowers
Hosta  'Fragrant Gold' ( Aden 82)  light green becoming more yellow. 22 x 15 lavander fragrant fl
Hosta  'Frances Williams' - (Williams 86)
Hosta  'Fringe Benefit' - (Aden 86)  36 x 24. medium green, yellow margin.
Hosta  'Gay Blade'
Hosta  'Geisha'
Hosta  'Ginko Graig'  (Summers 1986)  10x4 juvenile form medium green white margin, very nice. any sun
Hosta  'Gold Drop'
Hosta  'Golden Fascination' - AHS 86. 20 x16,  Yellow viridescent turning green, 20"scapes.
Hosta  'Gold Standard'  (Banyai 1976)  many awards 36x20 creamy yellow to white with gren margins
Hosta  'Golden Bullion' - Ruh 89.  all gold sport of Tokudama Flavocircinals- heavey substance.
Hosta  'Golden Scepter' - (Savery 83)  yellow form of 'Golden Tiara' 18 x 12. purple striped flowers
Hosta  'Golden Tiara'  (Savory 1977)  22x14. Great hosta as a ground cover. Nancy Minks Award
Hosta  'Good As Gold' - Aden NR. 24 x 14, chartreuse to gold, good substance and pest resistant. 18" scapes.
Hosta  'Grand Master'
Hosta  'Great Expectations'
Hosta  'Green Fascination'
Hosta  'Green Fountain' - (Aden 79)  36 x 26.
Hosta  'Green Gold'
Hosta  'Green Smash'
Hosta  'Ground Master'  (Aden 1979)  20x12 medium green white margins, purple flowers
Hosta  'Harvest Glow -
Hosta  'Hazel'
Hosta  'Herifu'
Hosta  'High Kicker'
Hosta  'Honeybells'
Hosta  'Honeysong'
Hosta  'Inniswood' - 40x20. charteuse with green margins.
Hosta  'Invincible'
Hosta  'Jack Of Diamonds'
Hosta  'Jade Beauty'
Hosta  'Janet'
Hosta  'Jester'
Hosta  'June' -  a 'Halcyon' sport with bright gold leaves with irregular very blue border. violet flowers. medium.
Hosta  'Kabitan'
Hosta  'Krossa Regal'  (Summers 1980)  30x28 blue green funnel-shaped.  lavender flowers.
Hosta  'Lemon Lime' - Savory 77.  18x12. Lanceolate, chartreuse. makes a compact mound. striped flowers.
Hosta  'Leola Fraim'
Hosta  'Little Ann'
Hosta  'Little Aurora'
Hosta  'Little Wonder'
Hosta  'Love Pat' -
Hosta  'Maekawa'
Hosta  'Mildred Seaver'
Hosta  'Moerheim'  - a form of H. Antioch from the Netherlands, variable white margins
Hosta  'Moon Glow'
Hosta  'Moon Shadow'
Hosta  'Moonlight'
Hosta  'Neat Splash Rim'
Hosta  'Northen Star' - Gold edged sieboldiana 'Elegans'.
Hosta  'Northern Halo'
Hosta  'On Stage' - Aden 86.  24 x 14, yellow with two tone green margins.
Hosta  'Patriot' - one of the showest, large white margins.
Hosta  'Peace'
Hosta  'Pearl Lake'
Hosta  'Peedee Gold Flash'
Hosta  'Plantinum Tiara' - Walters 87.  14x12. variable margin, chartreuse, margin white.
Hosta  'Purple Profusion'  (Williams 1986)  16x8 high, medium green , nice purple striped flowers.
Hosta  'Regal Splendour'
Hosta  'Resonance'
Hosta  'Rhapsody'
Hosta  'Richland Gold'
Hosta  'Royal Standard'
Hosta  'Royal Super'
Hosta  'Sea Dream'
Hosta  'Sea Dream' - Seaver 84. 17 x 11, Nice gold with a ivory-white edge. long leaves that emirge green
Hosta  'Sea Monster'
Hosta  'Sea Thunder'
Hosta  'Sea Yellow Sunrise' - Seaver 85. 14 x 6, nice small all yellow with green leaf blades.
Hosta  'September Sun'
Hosta  'Serendipity'
Hosta  'Shade Fanfare'
Hosta  'Shining Tot'
Hosta  'Shogun'  (Aden)  26 x 14 high medium green, irregular yellow turning white margins.
Hosta  'Shogun' - Aden. 26 x 14 tall, long medium green leaves with a irregular white margin.
Hosta  'Snow Cap'
Hosta  'Snow Flake'
Hosta  'So Sweet'  (Aden 86)  12 x 8. medium green-white margin. purple striped flowers
Hosta  'Spritzer'
Hosta  'Stiletto'
Hosta  'Sugar and Cream'
Hosta  'Sum And Substance'  (Aden 1980)  many awards, yellow with heavy substance 60x30
Hosta  'Summer Fragrance' - Vaughn 83.  40x24high. medium green with green streaks and white edge
Hosta  'Summer Music'
Hosta  'Sun Power' - Aden 86. Midwest Gold Award. 36x24. wavy yellow lutescent leaves.
Hosta  'Sundance'
Hosta  'Sweete'
Hosta  'Tall twister'
Hosta  'Tambourine'
Hosta  'Thumb Nail'
Hosta  'Tiny Tears'
Hosta  'Twinkles'
Hosta  'Vanilla Cream'
Hosta  'Vera Verde'  (Klehm 1987)  12x5 purple striped flowers, medium green with bright cream edge
Hosta  'Whirlwind'
Hosta  'White Shoulders'  - Walters 8834 x 22. white-margined plantaginea
Hosta  'Wide Brim'
Hosta  'Yellow Boa'
Hosta  'Yellow River'
Hosta  'Yellow Splash Rim'
Hosta  'Yellow Splash'
Hosta  'Zager's White Edge'
Hosta  rectifolia 'Nakai' syn Aureomarginata - 15 x 22 tall wide cream edge. OS
Hosta  rupifraga -  Nakai 30. deep green heart shaped leaves with gray undersides and purple flowers.
Hosta  'Blade Runner' - Taylor. small Hosta with long linear green leaves with nice even white-yellow margins.
Hosta  'Blue Blush' - Smith 88. 12 x 6, The smallest Tardiana but one of the bluest, lavender flowers.
Hosta  'Cherry Berry' - Dark green margin with large white centers and redish stems. choice small Hosta.
Hosta  'Crested Surf' - Wade. small with narrow rippled green leaves with wavy bright yellow margins.
Hosta  'Crown Jewel' - Walters gardens 84. 8 x 4 high, chartreuse with a white margin .
Hosta  'Density' - Minks. Heavy leaves with ribs and a nice blue color.
Hosta  'Green Eyes' - Miniature mound of yellow leaves with a nice fine green margin.
Hosta  'Ground Sulphur' - O'Harra 86. 10 x 8, viridescent yellow leaves.  great for a small edge
Hosta  'Haku Chu Han' - JAPAN 63. 8 x 4, viridescent white centers with green margins lanceolate shaped leaves
Hosta  'Harmony' - Smith 61 Aden 76. 8 x 8, blue-green Tardiana , great in bloom, nice neat plants.
Hosta  'Hertha' - Savory 88. 18 x 12. dark green with white margin cordate leaves
Hosta  'Jelly Bean' - Harstad. Savory Shield Award 89. small with yellow-white viridescent centers-green margin
Hosta decorata  'Thomas Hogg'  (Hogg 1875)  18x12 dark green with distinct white border, shade to 3/4
Hosta fluctuans FORM variegatum
Hosta fortunei  'Albo-Marginata'
Hosta fortunei  'Albo-Picta'
Hosta fortunei  'Aureo-Marginata'
Hosta fortunei  'Hyacinthina'
Hosta heloniodes Albo-picta
Hosta hypoleuca urajiro
Hosta kikutii  'Kifukurin' - shiny deep green with yellow to cream margins. lavender flowers.
Hosta lancifolia
Hosta minor  'alba'  - white margin, narrow green leaves. midseason lavender flowers. excellent edger
Hosta montana
Hosta montana  'Aureo Marginata'
Hosta nakaiana
Hosta plantaginea  'Aphrodite'  (Maekawa 1940)  double flowered fragrant white flowering.
Hosta plantaginea  'Grandiflora'
Hosta pulchella  'Kifukurin' - small dark green with yellow margins. 8x4. nice for the rock garden.
Hosta rhodeifolia  'Albo Marginata'
Hosta siebodii  - small.  green leaves. midseason white flowers. shade to 3/4
Hosta sieboldiana  'Blue Giant'
Hosta tokudama
Hosta tokudama Flavo-Circinalis
Hosta undulata  'Erromena'
Hosta undulata  Albo-marginata  'Silver Edged' - Maekawa 1936 20-36x18, common silver edged.
Hosta undulata univittata -  Hylander 1954  20-36x16, wavy green with white centers.
Hosta venusta
Hosta venusta variegata
Houttuynia cordata  'Chameleon'
Inula magnifica
Iris  'Batik' - Dramatic white spatters and streaks against royal purple, 24", Early. Triple award-winner.
Iris  'Beverly Sills' - splendid coral pink. Frilled and lacy. strong growing pink. Early-Mid. 35" 1985 DYKES.
Iris  'Bride's Halo' - Pristine white bordered with narrow gold halo. frilled margins. Early-Mid, 36". 1978 DYKES
Iris  'Cabaret Royale' - Light blue standards, blue-black falls. Midseason, 36".
Iris  'Copper Classic' - Large coppery orange with tangerine beards. Mid, 35". Award of merit in 1983.
Iris  'Dover Beach' - White standards, sky blue falls, early-midseason, 40".
Iris  'Dwarf Bearded Mixed' - A nice mix of 5 to 8 dwarf iris in a range of colors. 6-10"
Iris  'Edith Wolford' - distinctive dicolor with light canary yellow and medium blue-violet. 35"mid. 1993 DYKES
Iris  'Lady Friend' - Lovely garnet-rose blend. 36" Early. Award of merit.
Iris  'Mixed Tall Bearded Iris' - covers the full spectum of iris colors and forms.
Iris  'Modern Classic' - Superb white plicata with violet blue stitching. Heavily fluted. 38"Late-. award of merit
Iris  'Pink Sleigh' - Huge ruffled clear pink, midseason, 30".
Iris  'Pride Of Ireland' - Unusual light green with darker green and a light yellow beard. 38" Mid-Late.
Iris  'Queen Of Hearts' - Lacy edging, glowing coral salmon with white falls plicately edged in coral 36" mid.
Iris  'Rising Moon' - Ruffled lemon and cream, late-midseason, 36".
Iris  'Sapphire Hills' - ruffled medium blue, midseason, 36".
Iris  'Startler'
Iris  'Storm Center' - Intense blue-violet, floriferous, midseason, 38".
Iris  'Sultan's Palace' Red shaded with darker overtones, Strong blooming, 34" plants. Midseason.
Iris  'Summer Wine' - dwarf bearded.  purple wine color. diffrant.
Iris  'Superstition' a sumptuous dark beauty that is almost ebony black. Midseason. Award of merit.
Iris cristata - crested iris.  nice woodland iris.
Iris ensata - mixed hybrids
Iris pallida FORM  Aurea-varigata - yellow vertically striped foliage, lavander flowers. 20-26". May-June.
Iris pallida FORM Argentea - variegation is white.  20-26" May-June.
Iris pseudacorus - yellow flag iris. nice tall strap leaves. great vertacal form, yellow flowers late spring
Iris pseudacorus FORM variegated - Golden variegated foliage great for the side of a pond.
Iris siberica  ''Dreaming Spires' - Lavender and royal blue. 36in.
Iris siberica  'Butter and Sugar'  bright yellow falls and white standards 1982 Morgan.  26-30 mid
Iris siberica  'Caesar's Brother'  deep purple. 1953 Morgan. 38-44" mid
Iris siberica  'Eric The Red' - heavey flowering dark red. ML 36in
Iris siberica  'Forrest McCord' - Deep blue-violet with gold and white blaze, 36"
Iris siberica  'Gull's Wing'  large semi-ruffled white with great substance. one of the best whites. 34-38"
Iris siberica  'Halcyon Seas'  lavender-blue.  1975 Morgan. 34-38". mid
Iris siberica  'Indy'  large wide petaled, velvet-wine-purple streaked with dark blue.  30-34"  very early
Iris siberica  'Jamacian Velvet'
Iris siberica  'Orville Fay' - TET Medium violet-blue self with darker veining. 36in
Iris siberica  'Ruffled Velvet' - Nice dark blue with dark overtones. 1980 Morgan-Wood Medal winner.
Iris siberica  'Snow Queen'
Iris siberica  'White Swirl'
Iris siberica VAR alba - Seed: this is a pale form of the species. very early and tall.
Iris siberica mixed - made up of named forms and seedlings.
Iris versicolor - suited for waters edge-for natralazation Blue flowers, variable. 1-3' June
Kirengeshoma palmata - maple like leaves with yellow waxy flowers on purple stems. 3-4' June-July
Knautia arvensis
Knautia macedonica  'Melton Pastels' - diffrent red and pink shades.
Knautia macedonica - Ever blooming dark red. 20-36" on lax stems. self seeds.
Lamiastrum galeobdolon  'Hermans Pride'
Lamium maculatum  'Beacon Silver'
Lamium maculatum  'Shell Pink'
Lamium maculatum  'White Nancy'  silver-white leaves with white flowers,
Lathyrus latifolius - sweet peas, mixed colors, white or pink. climbers - up to 8'
Lathyrus luteus
Lathyrus maritimus
Lathyrus vernus albo-roseus
Lathyrus vernus mixed
Lavatera thuringiaca 'Rose'  5 foot tall bushy plant with many hollyhock like pink flowers.
Liatris  'Floristan Violet'
Liatris spicata
Liatris spicata alba
Ligularia dentata  'Desdemona'  large purple and green leaves with dark orange daisy like flowers.  3-4'
Ligularia dentata  'Orthello' - shorter than the above plant.
Ligularia przewalskii - slightly larger than 'The Rocket' leaves palmately shaped. 5-6' yellow flowers.
Ligularia stenocephala  'The Rocket' - heart shaped large leaves with longe slender yellow flowers
Lilium  'Chinese Trumpet Mix'
Lilium  'Pastel Asiatic Mix'
Lilium  'Rainbow Asiatic Mix'
Lilium '86-510'  oriental
Lillium  'Oriental Strawberry Shortcake'
Lobelia X Gerardii
Lobelia syphilitica  'Blue Slippers'  late dark blue flowers on lax plants. nice for fall color.
Lobelia syphilitica - Great Blue Lobelia.
Lobelia syphilitica FORM album  clean white flowering form, nice
Lychnis chalcedonica - Maltis Cross.  red red flowers in large round clusters. 36-48 tall
Lychnis chalcedonica mixed - white, red, orange, pink.
Lychnis chalcedonica pink form
Lychnis flos-cuculi - Ragged Robin. light pink cut-up flowers in spring-love moist soil. 12-15"
Lychnis flos-cuculi albiflora
Lychnis flos-jovis - Jupiter Flower. Pink  flowers in late spring on soft silvery plants.
Lychnis x haageana  mixed bright reb or orange - large flowers. 8-10"
Lychnis yunnanensis
Mertensia virginica -
Mitella diphylla - Miterwort.  Bright lime green plant for the open woods or lightly shaded border.
Monarda  'Adam'
Monarda  'Blue Stockings'
Monarda  'Cambridge Scarlet' - Extra-large scarlet that is a blaze in the garden. 24-36"
Monarda  'Gardenveiw Scarlet'
Monarda  'Marshall's Delight' - pink flowers, freely produced. Strong stems and moldew-resistant. 24-36"
Monarda  'Prairie Night'  deep violet purple. 24-36".
Monarda  'Purple Crown'  36-48"
Monarda astromontana
Nepeta cataria VAR citriodora - pleasent lemon-like smell and taste. 24"
Nepeta grandiflora - large clump with very long blooming period.
Nepeta nervosa
Nepeta x faassenii  'Six Hills Giant' - 3' x 3'.
Oenothera tetragona - primrose. nice bright yellow flowers, red foilage often. forms large clumps.
Oxalis stricta  'Red Tea' - wood sorrel.  plant in light shade, nice red folage with yellow flowers
Paeonia  'Alice Roberts' (Krekler) - Japanese pink lactiflora. Silvery pink petals, huge yellow center, Mid. 36"
Paeonia  'Bandit' (Krekler 86) - double blush pink lactiflora with good habit, clean foliage. Late. 27"
Paeonia  'Best Man' (Klehm) - deep double red lactiflora, Late. 33"
Paeonia  'Blaze' (Fay 73) - semi-single with bright red cupped flowers, early. 29"
Paeonia  'Bride's Dream' (Krekler 65) - Japanese white lactiflora. Clean white with blush yellow center, mid.
Paeonia  'Butter Bowl' (Rosenfield 55) - Japanese pink lactiflora, 36" yellow center.
Paeonia  'Bright Knight' (Glasscock 39) - semi-double or single bright red hybrid, tall, Early.
Paeonia  'Camden' (Krekler 65) - single large deep red lactiflora, fragrant, Mid.
Paeonia  'Cardinal's Robe' (saunders 40) - Hybrid semi-double red, glistening red on dwarf plants, Early. 26"
Paeonia  'Carrara" (Bigger 52) - Japanese white lactiflora. 36" strong stems, white staminodes edged yellow
Paeonia  'Charles Burgess' (Krekler 63) - Japanese red and Deep burgundy with gold tipped center, Mid. 36"
Paeonia  'Charm' (Franklin 31)  Satiny, dark red Japanese, Late. 34"
Paeonia  'Cheddar Charm' (Klehm 92) - Japanese clear  white lactiflora. New. Fragrant 30"-36" Mid.
Paeonia  'Cheddar Gold' (Klehm 71) - double white Japanese with gold center, Mid.
Paeonia  'Cheddar Regal' (Klehm) - Japanese white.
Paeonia  'Commando' (Glasscock 44) - dark burgundy double with outer row of petals and dark green foliage. 38"
Paeonia  'Cheddar Royal'  (Klehm) - White guard petals with gold mum center, Japanese, Mid.
Paeonia  'Dauntless' (Glasscock 44) - single red hybrid. Brilliant, dark red, Early.
Paeonia  'Divine Gift' (Krekler 78) - double pink lactiflora
Paeonia  'Don Richardson' (Krekler 75) - Japanese burgundy red lactiflora, Mid. 36"
Paeonia  'Early Scout' (Auten 52) - single red with nice round bush shape abd dark green leaves. early blooming.
Paeonia  'Doreen' (Sass 49) - Japanese light rose lactiflora, fragrant, Mid. 32"
Paeonia  'Fairy Princess' (Glasscock-Falk 45) - single red hybrid. 22" small dwarf plant. early
Paeonia  'Gold Rush' (Klehm 92) - Japanese white lactiflora with intense gold center, Mid-Late. 36"
Paeonia  'Gold Standard' (Rosenfield 34) - Japanese large creamy white lactiflora, Mid. 37"
Paeonia  'Karen Gray' (Krekler 65) - Japanese pink-wine-red, creamy center, fragrant lactiflora, Mid. 26"
Paeonia  'Krinkled White' (Brand 28) - single white lactiflora, early. Very showy and always a winner. 32"
Paeonia  'Legion Of Honor' (saunders 41) - single or semi-double bright red with a pure gold center, early.
Paeonia  'Martha Reed'  (Krekler 65) - double creamy white 29" tall.
Paeonia  'Midnight Sun' (Murawska 54) - Japanese red lactiflora. Vigorous plant habit, Mid. 38"
Paeonia  'Mikado'  - Japanese dark crimson, cupped blooms, lactiflora, Mid. dark green foliage. 34"
Paeonia  'Miss Mary' (Krekler 67) - single silky, cranberry red  lactiflora, Mid. Held well above dark green. 35"
Paeonia  'Mister Ed' (Klehm 80) - double blush, Rare color combanation. 28"
Paeonia  'Montezuma' (saunders 43) - single red hybrid, tall and regal, bright crimson, Early. 36"
Paeonia  'Myrtle Gentry' (Brand 25) - double blush lactiflora
Paeonia  'Scarlet O'Hara' (Glasscock-Falk 56) - single firy red hybrid, Early. 36"
Paeonia  'Sunburst' - White Japanese with strong stems, Early.
Paeonia  'Top Brass' (Klehm 68) - double pink-white bomb, apple blossom with ivory and yellow, Mid. 28"
Paeonia  'Toro No Maki' -  Japanese white lactiflora Graceful pure white with golden centers, Mid. 34"
Paeonia  mixed double peonies - two eye sized roots.
Paeonia  old fashioned single pink red. - nice plant - holds up well with out staking, even in part shade.
Penstemon barbatus  'Prairie Fire'
Phlox arendsii  'Suzanne'
Phlox maculata  'Alpha' - soft rose with darker eye, glossy leaves mildew resistant. takes some shade.
Phlox maculata  'Natasha'
Phlox paniculata  'Blue Boy'
Phlox paniculata  'David'
Phlox paniculata  'Eva Cullum'
Phlox paniculata  'Fairest One'
Phlox paniculata  'Fairy's Petticoat'
Phlox paniculata  'Franz Schubert'
Phlox paniculata  'Mount Fujiama' - nice large white-long blooming period.
Phlox paniculata  'Orange Perfection'
Phlox paniculata  'Pinafora Pink'
Phlox paniculata  'Prime Minister'  white with crimson eye. 30-36" late
Phlox paniculata  'Sandra' Scarlet. 24"
Phlox paniculata  'Starfire'  brilliant non-fading red.  22-26"tall. midseason
Phlox paniculata  'Tenor'
Phlox paniculata  'fuchsia'
Phlox stolonifera  'Blue Ridge'
Phlox stolonifera  'Bruces White'
Phlox stolonifera  'Home Fires'
Phlox stolonifera  'Sherwood Purple'
Phlox subulata  'Candy Stripes'
Phlox subulata  'Emerald Pink'
Phlox subulata  'Red Wing'
Phlox subulata  'White Delight'
Phlox suffruticosa  'Miss Lingard'
Physostegia virginiana
Physostegia virginiana  'Pink Bouquet' - nice larger flower clusters. late in the season, great for cutting.
Physostegia virginiana  'Pink Forms' - light pink in color early to mid flowering season
Physostegia virginiana  'Vivid'
Physostegia virginiana  White Tower'
Polemonium X  'Apricot Delight'
Polemonium cashmerianum - choice plant for moist well drained soil. leaves are very nice. large flowers.
Polemonium cashmerianum album
Polemonium pauciflorum FORM silver leaf - nice golden shaded leaves with long yellow flowers. diffrant
Polemonium pulcherrimum
Pulmonaria  'British Sterling' - intensely white leaves with min green pink flowers turning blue.
Pulmonaria  'Janet Fisk' - excellant amount of white marbling. Pink blooms turning blue.
Pulmonaria  'Little Star' - unique variegation silver blotches with tiny white spots. nice.
Pulmonaria  'Margery Fish' - striking silvery variegated elliptical leaves.
Pulmonaria  'Paul Aden' - highly attractive, out standing white spotted leaves. one of the best
Pulmonaria  'Pierre's Pure Pink' - Pure pink flowers over spotted leaves. 12in
Pulmonaria  'Roy Davidson' - nice green foliage evenly spotted with silver blotches. sky blue flowers.
Pulmonaria  'Snowy Owl' - much white variegation, 12" tall.
Pulmonaria longifolia  'Bertram Anderson' - excellant, violet blue blooms, long narrow foliage. 12"
Pulmonaria officinalis x  'Sissinghurst White' - Abundant early pure white flowers, silver white spots.
Pulmonaria saccharata  'Bielefeld Pink' - nice leaf coloration. clear pink flowers. vigorous.
Pulmonaria saccharata  'Dora Bieleveld' - early silvery spotted leaves with pink flowers.
Pulmonaria saccharata x  'Mrs Moon' - nice ground cover- large silvery spots.
Pulsatilla alpina
Pulsatilla halleri
Pulsatilla montana
Pulsatilla occidentalis
Pulsatilla patans
Pulsatilla sulphurea
Pulsatilla vernalis
Pulsatilla vulgaris grandis
Pulsatilla vulgaris mixed
Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘heiler-hybrids'
Pulsatilla ‘fringed'
Rodgersia aesculifolia
Salvia  'Blue Hill'
Salvia  'May Night'
Salvia bulleyana
Salvia cleistocama???
Salvia pratensis - lavender to mid-blue claw shaped flowers. 24-36"
Salvia superba  'East Friesland'
Salvia superba  'Lubeca'
Salvia superba  'Snow Hill' - white flowers
Salvia superba mixed
Salvia tesquicola
Salvia transylvanica
Salvia verticillata
Salvia verticillata VAR alba
Salvia verticillata x  'Purple Rain' - choice.
Sanguisorba dodecandra
Scabiosa caucasica "House Hybrids Mixed'
Scabiosa columbaria
Scabiosa graminifolia
Scabiosa lucida
Scabiosa martima
Scabiosa succisa
Scabiosa triandra
Sedum  'Dragon's Blood'
Sedum  'Rosy Glow'  large pink/red flowers on blue green foliage.  10-12" Aug. - Sept
Sedum aizoon  'Aurantiacum'  18-24" nice yellow blooms against light green foliage.  dormant
Sedum sieboldii
Sedum spectabile  'Autumn Joy'
Sedum spectabile  'Brilliant'
Sedum spectabile  'Vera Jameson'
Semiaquilegia ecalcarata
Sempervivum  mixed
Silene bellidiodes
Silene campanula
Silene schafta
Silene? flos-jovis  'Hort's Variaty'
Smilacina racemosa - false soloman seal. nice white plums followed with red berries in fall.
Stachys byzantina
Stachys byzantina 'Big Ears' large leaves on nonflowering plants. Great silvery ground cover.
Tanacetum spp - very fine ferny leaves, 12" tall.
Tanacetum vulgare - Common Tansy. large coarse plants with pungent oder and ferny fine leaves. yellow
Telekia speciosa - Oxeye Daisy.  handsome clumps of large leaves with yellow flowers, seeds it's self freely.
Thalictrum aquilegifolium mixed -  fine leaves, blue green- with clouds of little flowers.
Thalictrum dasycarpum - tall meadow-rue. tall nativw plants  -5-7 feet.
Thalictrum dioicum - early meadow-rue.
Thalictrum minus - nice short form.
Thalictrum minus adiantifolia?
Thalictrum speciosissimum - tall 4-6 foot plants with large yellow paniculs of flowers. glaucous blue.
Tiarella  'Eco Red Heart' - shade. Medium green with heart of red in center of leaves. 12"
Tiarella  'Eco Splotched Velvet' - shade. Velvet texture with red centered leaves. 10-12"
Tiarella  'Oakleaf'
Tiarella  'Rambling Silhouette' - Glossy medium green with deep cuts and red-violet centers, spreading. 12"
Tiarella  'Slickrock' - attractive deep cut maple like leaves with pink flowers. vigorous grower,
Tiarella  'Winterglow'
Tiarella wherryi  'Spring Prize'  showy wine red spring leaves long blooming period. clump forming.
Tiarella wherryi -
Tradescantia virginiana  'Innocence'
Tradescantia virginiana  'Osprey'
Tradescantia virginiana  'Red Cloud'
Tradescantia virginiana  'Valour'
Tradescantia virginiana - light blue form. tall.
Tradescantia x andersoniana  'Zwanenburg Blue' - Spectacular royal blue large flowers.
Tricyrtis X  'Mixed Hybrids'
Tricyrtis hirta  'Aureo-Marginata'  elegant clumps leaves have creamy white margins
Tricyrtis hirta  hydrida - nice late color and shape.
Trollius europaeus -
Trollius ledebourii   'Golden Queen'  bright orange-yellow buttercup 3-4" flowers.  moist soil
Veratrum album
Veratrum nigrum
Veratrum viride
Veronica  'Blue Charm'
Veronica  'Icicle'
Veronica  'Noah Williams'
Veronica  'Red Fox'
Veronica - Short speading form with late spring blooming blue flowers. 10-14"
Vinca minor  'Ralph Shugert'
Viola japonica  'Rodney davedson' - nice varagated type leaves.
Viola japonica -
Yucca  'Gold Edge' - wide gold margins. nice large creamy flowers.
Yucca  'Golden Sword' - yellow-gold leaves edged in green.
Yucca filamentosa  'Color Guard' - colorful medial variegation. each leaf blade diffrent.