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Oenothera villosa

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Prairie Primrose or Hairy Evening Primrose Similar to Oenothera biennis, Oenothera parviflora, and Oenothera oakesiana.

Oenothera villosa grows from 2 to 7 feet tall, the stems are upright and may have a few branches near the top, the first year it produces a clump of basal foliage, and plants bloom the second year. it is more a weed than a showy garden plant, but is attractive in a "wild" flower garden. Flowers late in the day and at night. Native to North America, but imported to Europe and used as a root vegetable. Now naturalized in Japan, Russia (Far East), and widely in S Africa, Asia, Europe, and S South America. They are self pollinating plants that produce a lot of seed, so on open ground they can be prolific.


Surface sow the seeds, light needed for best germination, use 70F, germination in 10-30 days.

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