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Echinops sphaerocephalus


Great Globe Thistle

The genus name means 'Like a Hedgehog' in reference to the spiny heads of seeds. This species has large gray-blue flower balls ( thus the species name which means 'round headed'), plants grow 6 feet tall. Good cut flower subject, grow in full sun. Echinops is a distinctive perennial with some what prickly edged leaves and spherical, pale, off-white flowers. A choice architectural plant for the back of border. The spiny, dark-green, silver haired-cobwebbed covered leaves are silver with very silver-white undersides provide interest from spring until flowering in late summer. Grow with other tall striking late summer plants such as cardoon and Echinacea or tall grasses. Will bloom the secound year.

Zones 3-8

Native to Eurasia. Naturalized in some parts of California. Germination in less than two weeks at 70F, if no germination - Use 3 weeks at 30-39F

30 seeds