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Santolina rosmarinifolia

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Green Lavender Cotton or Green Santolina (san-toh-LEE-nuh:rose-ma-ree-nee-FOH-lee-uh) Asteraceae

Plants are evergreen sub-shrubs that grow up to 2 feet tall and three feet wide. Blooms July to Sept. Leaves & shoots covered with cottony down. They have small, soft yellow colored flowers clustered into rounded heads. Green colored, rosemary like foliage, plants can be cut and shaped into hedges. Blooms early summer and are drought and heat tolerant. Use in the backs of sunny borders or large rockery. Grow in full sun in lien soils that drain very well.

Zones (6)7-10

Native from S.W. Europe, were it is found growing on dry rocky or sandy soils. Surface sow the seeds and use 40-60F with germination spread-out over many months. Keep moist but use well draining medium and do not water log. Keep seed trays for 2 years to make sure all the seeds germinate. A number of the seeds will germinate within the first month or so. germination spread-out over many months.

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