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Campanula medium flore plena 'Double White'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Campanula medium flore plena 'Double White''. Please check back later.

Tall showy spikes of double ball-shaped, bright white flowers. Grows about 3 feet tall and blooms in late spring and early summer. Very showy and a great as a cut flower. A planting of five or more plants spaced about 10 inches apart puts on a nice display. The first year a leaves are produces that lay low to the ground, the second year they bloom. Very few plants come back the third year, but enough seed is given for a few years of sowing. Sow in mid summer for large showy blooming plants the next year. A small number of plants will produce single flowers. Best in full sun in soils that are rich with good drainage but not overly dry.

Biennial hardy in zones 3-8.

Germination in two weeks at 68F. Surface sow seeds, light needed for best results.

100 seeds